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Where did you go Criss Angel?

Updated on September 22, 2015

Where have you gone?!!

To me it seems like the 43 year old 17 million dollar man named Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos just kind of dropped off the face of the planet. I've been watching his show lately and after seeing all his tricks, yes TRICKS, makes me think that I really haven't heard anything about him for a long time. Although I don't have television, just netflix, maybe that's why I don't hear anything hahaha. But it almost seems like this once renown man is now possibly just popular doing a show in Las Vegas rather then state wide or country wide. BUT apparently he does have many shows at the Luxor theatre at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas ;) called Criss Angel:Believe

Criss Angel had a couple running shows, one of which didn't last very long. This one being Phenomenon in 2007. Only ran 5 episodes. This show was like the show Ghost Hunters Academy?! Anyone see that show? Anyway it was along the lines of that show. Criss Angel and famed mentalist Uri Gellar teamed up and hosted this competition show. Trying to find the next great mentalist. The series tested 10 people with an array of different talents for celebrities and a studio audience. Unfortunately for them this NBC show didn't last long.

He also was included in the movie Heckler. A 2007 comedy documentary where Jamie Kennedy asks hecklers and critics questions about different people like George Lucas, Bill Maher, Rob Zombie, Howie Mandel and others.

From his show Criss Angel Mindfreak, running from 2005-2010 which was good. Levitating, card tricks, daring escapes.. it had it all?! It could have been better but there was some good tricks. Although the levitating of objects always got me interested to find out how he was doing it, because I know it wasn't truly HIM but staged. He did have a convincing show, especially for the weak. Having confederates cheering him on or "witnessing" what he had done, definitely bad acting on their part. Or just plain cheesiness on the stunts, that kind of stuff really turned me off or turned me too google. On one of my ventures through google to find the truth I came across this video that shows him telling you how he levitates himself.

Criss Angel Levitation Reveal

Although Criss Angel only levitates a foot or so it got my even more curious of how he does it between two buildings or in the middle of golfing? I did see a video of how the masked magician was doing it, by an extremely tall crane and wire. But could Criss Angel be doing this? Could it be camera tricks? Or a wire and pulley system?! Unfortunately Criss Angel hasn't revealed it by I want to know! Just to know? I have found someone with some theories at least.

On another one of my google adventures I had found the video below, explaining how Criss Angel could have done the saw trick. Although it doesn't explain how he could swallow a ring and pull it out as well. Which he could have easily not put it in his mouth and swallowed but instead hid it in his hand then fed it on the line and when he would fling the line out of his neck  he would also release the ring from his hand. Thats just my guess on that.


...Not.. Its all plexi-glass, camera angel's whoops I mean angle's and payed spectators. Moving water by the spectators helps hide the plexi-glass and of course payed people to pretend they have no idea how the magician is doing it always helps.

 So for all your die hard Criss Angel fans out there you can still catch him at the Luxor doing his show Criss Angel: Believe. Other then that you can watch re-runs of his shows watch him on youtube or even search up how he does his acts like I do. Its not that I'm ruining the fun of it for myself or others (don't look if you don't want to know) its just that part of the fun I have with it IS finding out how magicians do there tricks.

 Also I would seriously like to know if Criss Angel was the one to start this awful EMO fad. And if he wasn't then who did!!


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    • profile image

      Badddd 4 years ago

      It's to bad that he walked on water in the ocean and not just a swimming pool. He's really just a talented guy.

    • profile image

      sydney 6 years ago

      thats the exact same thing that i am wondering where did he go and etc. also i want to go see his show really bad but the thing is i cant get there like that i live in az and its to far from here he shoulg go arounf places like the four corners etc.

    • Alexander Pease profile image

      Alexander Pease 6 years ago from Maine

      I didn't watch the videos, partially because I enjoy the mysterious nature of his tricks. I do not have enough time to go the the Luxor, but I liked reading your hub.

    • profile image

      dış cephe kaplama 6 years ago

      Great videos :)