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White washing in films just will never end in my life time. The Asian community should be allowed to play Asian parts

Updated on January 9, 2015

No need for it today.

Even sick with the flu this week, I am still angered with white washing in films.

Can I just stop and pull my hair our of my head. When will this madness end.

White Washing, plain and simple. For example let us take an Asian character and have a Caucasian play the part.

Yes, I know it could be argued that in acting, one would be able to "transform" themselves and that what acting is all about right?

BUT there is something that is so ugly about the fact that for the longest time and I probably can a prime example of a highly respected man Bruce Lee, in which people believe he was too "Asian" to play a part and they wouldn't cast him.

I think they might have said oriental, so I could be wrong in the terms, but you can see what I am getting at.

But basically you can not say now a days, there are not enough people who are Asian or Asian Americans who can take parts.

Yes people don't even care that if someone is Japanese, they would just take a look at someone and it wouldn't matter if they weren't Japanese or not, as long as they looked "Asian".

Of course I already know what it is. The almighty dollar is God in the entertainment business and that is what rules in film making.

But the latest casting for a film for an anime film called Ghost in the Shell for the part of Major Motoko Kusanag is Scarlett Johansson and quite honestly I did not know that Scarlet Johansson was Japanese? Yes I am being a little bit sarcastic.

I have nothing personal against Scarlett Johansson and I do not know this woman, but once again did she magically inject something into herself to make her magically Asian or better maybe there is a magic potion that is going to make her Japanese. Yes once again I am being a little bit sarcastic.

Once again, it comes down to the almighty dollar and they probably figure Scarlett Johansson is going to bring in the money and that is all that is going to matter.

Need I bring up Airbender?

Ah yes, the Nickelodeon children's cartoon series, which was a lovely show, that shows a boy named Aang who was an Airbender.

What was great about this, the creator's did their homework and really looked into the elements and martial arts and that is why the cartoon series did so well.

Once again, yes the casting was picked and believe me I saw auditions for the film and once again, what came of Asian culture didn't matter when casting Aang which the name comes from Asian culture.

Now once I saw the audition that Perris Aquino I thought he fit Aang quite well.

Once again, I am not sure why he wasn't casted but I think it might have been a good thing, because they white washed most of the characters anyway.

On top of that, no one could pronounce Aang, it was more like Ung and I think that is crazy because I have this Boston Accent that I seem to butcher a lot of words, but then how come I can pronounce the name Aang correctly?

But I found out what had happened with Airbender.

The creator's of the series sold out.

The sold the right's to studios and didn't have part in the casting what so ever.

They do regret it now because they have stated that if they could any different now they would.

If you think that was bad with what happened to Airbender go look up on you tube the boycotting of the film and look up children's reactions to Airbenders and I quote these young kids say "How come there were no Asians in Airbender?"

So if children are now starting to bring up the fact that the casting was not right, what is that telling us if children are starting to say these things?

Yes, one could argue it was a children's cartoon and it shouldn't matter to adults.

Well, then how does all the children that weren't too happy saying that Asians weren't casted in Airbender live action film, then I don't know what to say?

I know people now more opportunities and things are slowly changing because people can make their own films.

Of course who am I too say because well I am not Asian and I don't own a film company.

Yet I am in love with Asian Culture and I just don't think the almighty dollar should just cast something because they think a person is going to bring in the money.

Remember years ago, people use to take chances and anything is a gamble.

How do you not know if you cast someone that is Japanese for a part that is Japanese that people won't fall in love with the character?

Maybe people are afraid to take chances because they don't want to lose money.

But how do you not know you could find a beautiful diamond in the rough that could go the distance in films?

Yes I guess people could argue that if someone is Asian they can't fit into any American parts which I totally think if ca-ca, and no we can not swear on here, but you know what I mean.

I mean my goodness, America has many different races and we are mixed melting part.

Yes ok so I see there is differences about us, but isn't anyone born in America an American?

Why does it have to be defined that if you have blond hair and such that your all American ( I am only taking blond hair as example, but you should get the picture)when if your Asian American and born here, then your not really Asian American but your really are an American.

I am sadden to think that in my lifetime white washing is still a part of the film world.

But what I am happy about is there people out there changing things and that is something I very happy to see happen a little at a time.


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