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Whitney Houston - The Music That Changed My Life

Updated on March 26, 2015

I am horrified by some of the derogatory comments

that I have seen since Whitney Houston passed away. The world is an amazing place, but some of the people in it just don't deserve the air they breathe. I am constantly hearing and seeing people and articles that put the beautiful singer on trial in the wake of Whitney's death. From my perspective, there was no secret about the fact that she had problems with substance abuse, but that did not change the fact that she made some of the most influential music of her generation. I can not figure out why on Earth the media would harp on Whitney's troubles, as opposed to shining a spotlight on a remarkable soul who touched a nation year after year.

Her as a teen
Her as a teen | Source

Whitney's Birthplace (Newark, NJ)

The Person

Born August 9, 1963, Whitney was the youngest in a family of three children. Her parents were notable figures in the entertainment industry as well as her cousins Dee Dee and Dion Warwick and God Mother, Aretha Franklin. The family lived in Newark, NJ, and were active in the Baptist Church community. As a youth, Ms. Houston began to sing in the church choir. When Whitney turned 11, she began performing on stage and at 15 sang back up for Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman". During this period she was allowed to perform alongside her mother in the New York City area, where she was discovered by the legendary Clive Davis. From there Whitney Houston's career went on to surpass all female singers that had come before her. And to this day, she is recognized as the most decorated female vocalist of all time by the Guinness Book of World Records.


The Influence

This is why I wanted to write this hub. The thought of people destroying this angel's reputation in the wake of her death is disturbing to me. Yes, she had substance abuse problems. Yes, she was not perfect. Is anyone? Of course not. We are all imperfect creatures with gifts and talents. Some of us have the will to use them and some of us would pick apart those that do. I love the former and despise the later. Please take a ride through my mind with me, as I share with you just how important one voice can be in a world full of sorrow and pain.

The Greates Love Of All


When I was 7,

my life at home was pretty rough. I had recently acquired three step brothers that hated me, and I didn't want to get out of bed on most days. School wasn't much better. Even though I excelled at the curriculum, my attitude and insecurities did not attract many friends. The bottom line is that I felt alone in a room full of people just about every day. As my second grade school year progressed, the time came around around for the always favorite class concert. One of the songs we were to sing was Whitney's "The Greatest Love Of All". I had never heard it before that day, but I have never forgotten it. The song grabbed my juvenile ears and did not let go. For the next few weeks our class would spend a little time every day learning the words, while giving my troubled mind refuge in an idea that was foreign to me. I was so inspired to think that I could love myself. The way she sang it brought a sense of reality to my fragile mind and gave my spirit a much needed lift. The concert came and passed, as Whitney has, but the impression will be with me for a lifetime. There has never been a day since that I have heard a single note of her music when my ears did not salivate for more. Each passing year brought more beautiful songs with more beautiful ideas. The role Whitney played in the "Bodyguard" solidified what I had been sure of since early childhood, she was absolutely amazing. Even in the face of hearing about her troubles as I grew older, I loved her dearly. So much so, that I was blind to her faults. There has never been a day when I held her mistakes against her. She earned a place of honor in my mind and heart many years ago, and I will never let her inability to escape her problems take that away. Our world is so sad, in that there are so many wonderful people like her buried underneath burdens the world will never know. Whitney Houston's life should be celebrated by all for the beauty she added to our planet and society. I know the media needs something new to talk about, but can we please let the dead rest in peace? If anyone ever deserved that respect, in my opinion, it is her. Let's take a minute to give thanks to God for blessing us with her music, and remember those of us who are still alive and in a bad way. May we all celebrate together in harmony one day. Thank you for reading my hub.

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    • rclinton5280 profile image

      Robert Clinton 5 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      You are welcome. Thank you for your opinion and your support hoteltravel. I feel very much the same way. May she rest in peace.

    • hoteltravel profile image

      hoteltravel 5 years ago from Thailand

      Whitney Houston brought lots of happiness through her songs. Let us remember her for that and forget the rest. Whatever people may say, none can take away her success from her. Thanks for sharing. Voted up and interesting.