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Donald Trump And What's He Up To?

Updated on June 7, 2014

Donald Trump WHo Is THis Guy

Donald Trump Who Is This Guy and Whats He Up To?
Donald Trump Who Is This Guy and Whats He Up To? | Source

Donald Trump Who Is This Guy

Who is Donald Trump and What Is He Up To?

Who and what is Donald Trump up to this time of the season? Scouring the Internet I run across Time magazine article about Donald trump questioning the President of the United States. As questing the President about his birth certificates, This has been made known on April 27th 2011, and I’m not really sure how long the President’s been in office but a couple years. Why did it take for a multimillionaire to get the President of the United States to divulge a citizen’s ship? Why did it take so long? Is there something about this country that we don’t know? Course there is there’s a lot that we don’t know and the birth certificate is the least thing that is on mind at this point in our lives. The President’s term is almost up anyway and possibly this is why this was released for a second term in office. But who really knows, the conspiracy theories will still continue and so will the uncertainty of our nation. But Donald trump we got some answers at least, what else can you find out?

Donald trump must be running for president and why not use a multimillionaire that’s been sued quite a few times has several ex-wives, and basically a playboy. But when he talks he does get responses, and I like that. Therefore if Trump runs for president, he can’t be any worse what we have had or can it. Donald trump has stepped into the limelight again on TV and news. He’s the front runner and a big talker and seems to get what he wants. This President’s birth certificates have been the headlines since the start of his presidency, why give it up now? Updating this article , he did not give up , hewent as far as offering several million dollars to anyone who could prove other things about the President during the last election. This came and fizzled down the pipes. I wonder if Donald was shut up in some way or another.

Donald Trump is a flamboyant, and smart man to cause all this commotion and get the people of the United States to back him and get answers that the American public’s wanted to know for quite a while. Personally speaking, I think a little that a birth certificate should be made part of being elected before he became President like most Presidents have to have. But I have no say in this world, as most of us don’t. Donald Trump and his multi-million dollar casinos work out just fine in the White House where we have a bunch of gamblers, they like to play with other people’s lives. That makes good sense for our government to have a Trump in stock. I think what this is all done to the country is separated two entities here. We have the people and we have the government and they’re not one as they used to be in years past. Most people aren’t even sure what the government is doing with our county. It’s none of our business that’s why, as we’re told. What happens if we the people of the United States of America band together and fight together and live together and spend the same type of money? Things are still a changing in our country by the minute.

I’m not anti-American I am an American citizen, not Mexican- American I’m not a Asian- American. I was born and bred and America the country as a child that that isolated to the flag when I was in grade school that is now banned. Where I used to in elementary school pledge allegiance to the United States of America for which it stands one nation under god indivisible, so what happened with all these words are they banned now also. Yes, they are for a reason I have no remembering about, its stupidity.

I think Donald trump would make an excellent president, what are our choices anyway; we do know Donald Trump has a Birth Certificate up. So that should ease our minds of and we know he’s full American based and looks like an American and has had corporate ties to American Casinos. I think we need a guy like that up and president of the United States from what I’ve read about it and an article last night it could be our last president of the United States. So be it as it may Donald Trump you got my vote. Yet computers do all the voting anyway, almost anybody can become President of the United States. I figured Donald Trump has the money to spend on his own campaign and is looking pretty good right now. He actually does something, accomplished that we can see for ourselves whether it’s a birth certificate, we should be proud of him for accomplishing something. For I haven’t seen much in this world where we’ve had anybody step up and prove anything about what we’re doing and why we’re doing that at and standing by it. Donald trump did, and I don’t laugh at him. I have to thank him for at last accomplishing one goal, whether it matters are not he did something for this country. If we’re only all millionaires maybe we could do something for this country too.


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    • celebritie profile image

      celebritie 6 years ago

      donald trump is a character who represents what many people want to become but don't have the nerve to try to be filthy rich.