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Who Is Angel Lola Luv Monroe

Updated on February 23, 2011
Angel has been romantically linked to some of the biggest rappers in hiphop. Here she's pictured with 50 Cent
Angel has been romantically linked to some of the biggest rappers in hiphop. Here she's pictured with 50 Cent
Here she is pictured with Trey Songz
Here she is pictured with Trey Songz

Video Vixen, Model, Actress, Rapper

Who is Angel Lola Luv Monroe?; inquiring minds want to know. Angel Lola Luv Monroe was born Fershgenet Melaku on October 25 1986 in Ethiopia. She has several alias', the former video vixen, recent turned rapper goes by Lola Monroe. She was discovered by the CEO of Model Agency Style Entertainment, Mike Styles. Angel found much success in the world of urban modeling. She has had spreads in some of the most popular men magazines to date. Her credits include but aren't limited to XXL, Smoothe, and King magazines. Ms. Luv is known for her tantilizing beauty and her signature butt poses. It has been rumored that Ms. Luv has butt implants. This doesn't come as a surprise to me because in this urban industry, the booty it seems the bigger the exposure and the paycheck. Ms. Luv has recently decided to launch her rap career, so look out for that. As for now she has a very impressive collection of photos, an also a long list of feature videos with some of the biggest names in HipHop. Such as 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Jeezy etc. She has also been romantically linked some of hiphop's big names as well. Lola Luv is quite the celeb as her name has been googled about 500,000 this month. So guys I usually give the females some eyecandy but in the wake of valentines day I decided to gives the guys a peek. Her are some photos of Ms. Angel Lola Luv Monroe. For more photos of  Angel check out my blog at

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Lola Luv Video Vixen

Well there's no doubting that Lola Luv is beautiful. She has taken the world of hip hop by storm. She has been featured in a countless amount of hip hop videos; an has also been seen with the likes of some of hip hops biggest names to date. Her videography includes, Ride or Die, (Ace Hood), Wonda Woman (Trey Songz), I Get Money (50 Cent), Give it Up (Twista), Bury Me A G, ( Young Jezzy). There seems to be quite a stir created over her alledged surgeries. Some sources are claiming that she has butt implants, and some dental work done. I just managed to find a video of her before. She was featured in the Lyfe Jennings video. She does look different but I'm not hating.  We as young women need to empire each other. So congrats Lola on all of your success.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for introducing me to Angel Lola Luv Monroe. Not a member of the hip-hop world so I'd rather read about them here.