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Who Is Justin Bieber?

Updated on March 25, 2011

For those who have never heard of him, Justin Bieber looks like an average teenager from Stratford, Ontario, Canada. He has a unique look, but what sets him apart is his music. Since coming on the music scene in 2009, he has taken the world and many of the tweens and teen girls in the world, by storm.

This singer and songwriter is a talent like no other in recent times. His youthful age, all 15 years of it at the start of his mega star career, has been filled with opportunity and remarkable success. By all definitions of the world, he is a massive hit, performing for everyone from millions of adoring fans to the White House.

While some may try and write him off as "just another young boy band" there is much more to this unique young man. It is more than his unique hair style, which he has been known for since the start of his career. It isn't the skinny jeans he wears or the young sounding voice that makes such as impression either. Rather, it is in his personality, his drive for the highest quality and in his determination to go from a virtual nobody to the top of the music charts around the world.

The story of Justin Bieber starts in his much younger youth. It progresses through the years where well-known artists and incredible musicians themselves, discovered this young talent and helped him to become who he is today. But, his story continues. As a young star, he has years of music ahead of him and many professionals in the industry expect him to continue to produce some of the biggest, chart topping songs and albums in the years to come.

Justin is a singer. He is a talented songwriter. He released his first full length, 3D biopic concert film in 2011. He has created song after song that has hit the top ten charts and his movie's opening weekend was the biggest opening weekend of any concert style film ever. By the numbers, Bieber has already exceeded expectations and soared past the marks of most other young talents in history.


There are millions of girls fascinated by Justin but at the same time, there are many others, from top producing musical artists to popular celebrities who love "The Beebs." People are attracted to him for many reasons, but it may just be his personality that pulls him to the top of the must-meet list.

His adoring fans which often number thousands whenever and wherever he travels, simply love him for being him. Keeping this in mind, this book will chronicle the life and the story of Justin Bieber. It will showcase where this talent came from and how he got to be one of the top producing young artists of all time. Even more so, this book will help you to become up close and personal with a talent like no other, a talent that is likely to fill your home with music for many more years.

Remember, the story of Justin Bieber is just getting started. At the time of this writing, he has just turned 17 and has become a household name. He is young, is good looking and he has the talent to get girls screaming. What is not to love about this young artist?

Before you make a decision about who he is or what talent he has, dive deeper into the story about this talented artist. Learn who he is, and what the drive behind his music and his talent is. Find out why top talents like Usher would invest time and money into him.

Two of Justin's quotes sum up who he is right now.

  • "If I can do just one-tenth of the good Michael Jackson did for others, I can really make a difference in this world."
  • "It was like I opened my eyes one day and noticed that the world is full of beautiful girls. And, I've had a hard time thinking about anything else ever since."

Both of these quotes come from Bieber's bestselling book, Justin Bieber: The Billboard Cover Story.

Who is Justin Bieber?

Who is this young man that has the girls screaming and the biggest names in R&B talking?

  • You adore his baby face look.
  • You know his hairstyle is the biggest thing happening in the teen styles today.
  • You know his song..."baby, baby, baby, oohh".
  • You have heard the girls screaming.
  • You have heard about the sell out concerts.
  • You may know of his Christian background, which drives him.

But, you may not know about the young man who has become one of the biggest names in the pop industry.

His name is Justin Bieber and he is a Canadian, professional pop and R&B artist who has recently become a sensation throughout the world, especially in the United States and Canada. He is also an actor, who has just recently finished the filming of his concert like movie!

The best way to get to know Justin Bieber is to learn what this star has accomplished in his short three year career. The fact is he has accomplished much more than most young talents like him. If you are looking for a way to get to know him, you just have to learn what he has to offer the world and what he has accomplished thus far.

In this chapter, we will focus specifically on what Justin Bieber has accomplished to this point in his life. It will shock you! He has accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time and that is nothing short of being the representation of an exceptional artist.

Justin Bieber’s First Album Shatters Records

Perhaps one of the most impressive things Justin Bieber did happened with his first album. The album was called My World. It was, as many anticipated, one of the best albums of the year when it was released.

Bieber's first album is one of the most impressive of all time. In fact, he became the first artist to ever have seven songs on a debut album actually hit the Billboard Hot 100 charts. This accomplishment helps to solidify whom he is and what he has to offer. It shows just how well loved he is.

Here's what you need to know about what this album accomplished:

  • The album peaked at number five on the United States Billboard 200.
  • The album sold 137,000 copies in its first week on shelves. At this time, it was the best opening released for any new artist in the year 2009.
  • The album hit number one on the Canadian Albums Chart.
  • In Canada, the album received the Platinum certification in just over a month of it debuting on the Canadian Albums Chart.
  • A month after its release, the album was certified Gold in the United States.
  • Two months after that gold (just three months after its debut) the album was certified platinum in the United States.
  • My World sold a total of one million copies within just a few months of its release.
  • In the United Kingdom, the album took just about a month for it to receive silver certification. In December 2010, it also received double platinum certification.

All of this occurred within the span of just a year. Most artists hope to receive any level of certification within their lifetime for the album, but Justin Bieber reached the height of population just a few months into the release of the album.

Justin Bieber's American Music Awards

Another impressive aspect of Justin Bieber's career is his remarkable, and truly amazing, ability to win various awards. One of the most spectacular examples of this is the 2010 American Music Awards. In this awards event, Justin managed to walk away with three total awards to his name himself, plus an award for his My World 2.0 album.

Here's a look at what Justin won at this event alone:

  • He won the Artist of the Year award.
  • Justin walked away with the Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist Award.
  • Justin won the T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist Award
  • Justin also won the Favorite Pop/Rock Album for the year.

Compared to other winners of the 2010 American Music Awards, Justin Bieber won the most awards for the year.

In addition to this, Justin broke the record and became the youngest person ever to win the award for Artist of the Year.

Teen Choice awards

Justin's biggest fan base is the teenagers and this was incredibly clear at the 2010 Teen Music Awards. This awards event is one dictated by teens who vote for their favorite stars of the year. It is similar to an adult version of the People's Choice Awards, but the focus is on the kids and Justin was able to come out on top, again.

Take a look at the amazing job he did cleaning up at this awards event!

  • Justin won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Music: Male Artist.
  • Justin won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Music: Breakout Artist Male
  • He won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer Music Star: Male.
  • He was nominated as the Choice Fanatic Fans award at the Teen Choice Awards as well, though he did not win this particular award.
  • My World 2.0 was also a popular choice at the Teen Choice Awards where it one the Choice Music: Pop Album award for the year.

The Teen Choice Awards was one of the best events for Justin, where he was able to beat out some of today's top performing artists with a much longer history. This is a testament to his skill and ability to woo fans.

2009 MTV Music Awards
2009 MTV Music Awards
2010 Kids choice awards
2010 Kids choice awards
Brit Awards
Brit Awards

More Justin Bieber awards

Over the span of a few months, Justin Bieber won numerous additional awards, all of which are impressive examples of what a true artist he is.

  • Justin was nominated for the Best New Artist at the BET Awards, though he did not win this award.
  • At the Juno Awards, the My World 2.0 album was nominated for Album of the Year and Pop Album of the Year.
  • Justin was nominated as New Artist of the Year at the Juno Awards as well.
  • Justin won the Meus Premios Nick Awards as the Favorite International Artist.
  • Then, he won the MTV Brazil Music Awards as the top International Artist of the year.
  • At the MTV Video Music Awards in the United States, Justin Bieber won the Best New Artist award.
  • At the Much Music Video Awards, Justin won UR RAVE: New Artist award from the organization.
  • Justin's song, "Baby" won the UR FAVE: Canadian Video award at the Much Music Video Awards.
  • His video for the song, "Baby" was nominated as the International Video of the Year by a Canadian at the Much Music Video Awards.
  • The next award Justin won was the Myx Music Awards in which he won the award for Favorite International Video for his song, "One Time."
  • At the TRL Awards it was another big event for Justin where we won the Best International Act award.
  • At the World Music Awards, Justin was able to secure nominations for the Best Pop Act and the Best New Artist awards. These are very prestigious awards since they focus on many additional artists than the country-specific awards.
  • At the Young Hollywood Awards in 2010, Justin was able to win the Newcomer of the Year award.
  • At the Brit Awards, Justin walked away with the International Breakthrough Artist award.

At the 2011 Grammy Awards, Justin was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album for My World 2.0. He lost both of these to other artists, to the outcry of his fans who believed he should have easily won at least the Best New Artist award.

At the People's Choice Awards right after, Justin was again nominated for the Favorite Breakout Artist and the Favorite Music Video for "Baby" but did not win these awards either.

Justin is also nominated for two awards from the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. At the time of this writing, these awards had yet to be announced. However, he is nominated for the Favorite Male Single and the Favorite Song awards. Keep in mind that this awards program is primarily a teen and kids voted program and thus it is likely Justin will walk away with these awards!

Each of the awards is incredibility important because they show just how well loved Justin is throughout the world. Some of these awards are less popular than others, but the sheer number of awards he has been nominated for, and won, in his first two years of having a career is remarkable in itself.

Justin Bieber World Tour sell Out

Another way to see the popularity of Justin Bieber is to consider his ability to sell concert tickets. This is definitely one of the biggest reasons that some artists do better than others: they can sell out crowds quickly. Justin did just that.

The day that tickets when on sale for two shows at The O2 Dublin sold out within just ten minutes of going on sale. The key here is that this was a 28,000 seat venue that Bieber sold out within just ten minutes. The sheer magnitude of how quickly those tickets sold is remarkable in itself!

In addition, tickets went on sale for a show in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia. Both of these shows sold out tickets within just minutes. In addition, the tour announced additional dates for these events. Again, with the new shows added, they sold out within minutes of becoming available.

Justin Bieber Movie

Yet another way in which Bieber has shown his ability to take the world by storm happened on the big screen. He did this in his biopic movie called Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. The movie released to screaming teenage girls and sold out at various movie venues throughout the world. Take a look at some of the numbers from this event that show just how big of a star Justin became.

  • The Friday box office release of the concert film brought in estimations of some $2.4 million. It showed in 3105 theaters on this day.
  • For the weekend, the movie made $29,514,054. This was not the highest grossing show or movie of the weekend.
  • The movie did nearly match the amount of the Miley Cyrus's 3D concert film, though, which still is the top earning thus far (the Justin Bieber numbers are close to Miley Cyrus's numbers, and it is still playing at the time of this writing.) The Miley Cyrus film grossed $31.1 million.

As you can see from all of these records, Justin Bieber is a huge star and he continues to grow at record pace. The fact is he is just in his infancy when it comes to his music career and he has plenty more to offer the world as he gets older.

Who is he?

What has made him the big star that he has become?

In order to know this, we must explore who Justin Bieber is and all that brought him to this point. His story is fascinating, and well worth exploring even further.

See the next hub for more information!

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      7 years ago

      i love justin he´s just perfect, i dont know how to express this, :D i just love him

      micaela :)

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      7 years ago

      i dont think that justin beiber is all all of that his not much of a good singer to me hes not

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      7 years ago

      Justin is my role model....he the cutest thing ever.... i love u justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      7 years ago

      you are an quietest person that i ever seen

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      7 years ago from Medford, Oregon

      Justin Bieber is not my favorite topic, however, this is a well created HubPage


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