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Who Is The Greatest Office Character?

Updated on October 27, 2014
The Office gathers round for a Christmas themed picture
The Office gathers round for a Christmas themed picture

The Office

In the small town of Scranton, Pennsylvania there lies a paper company that stole our hearts one episode at a time. From the begging where the office played the warehouse in a game of basketball (in which Michael ends up calling the game due to catching an elbow in the nose) to the days where Jim and Pam flirt day after day, to the time Daryl & Jim start their own sports agency, we have been with them through thick and thin. Now that the series is over, it leaves the important, yet never asked question of who is the greatest office character? Let the debate begin.

"The Worlds Best Boss" Michael Scott
"The Worlds Best Boss" Michael Scott

Michael Scott

The manager of the office and former owner slash CEO of The Michael Scott Paper Company leads us off with the vote. Michael is a character in which you love and hate, all at the same time. Never in your life have you felt more uncomfortable watching him live his day to day life and operate the office daily. With his unbelievably awkward relationships, to his unorthodox managing styles, we have fallen in and out of love with him right before our eyes. Try watching him throw a dinner party and fight with Jan without cringing... It's really hard. (That's what she said).

Dunder Mifflin's top seller Dwight Schrute
Dunder Mifflin's top seller Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute

The owner of Schrute Farms made his way into our hearts with his dorky sense of humor and passionate love affair with Angela. Dwight was nothing but loyal to Michael and the company (except for that time he went and saw his dentist Dr Crentest), and was without a doubt the hardest worker the office had seen. He cared more than anyone about the success of the company and the happiness of his coworkers. Dwight was the definition of Dunder Mifflin.

Jim Halpert making his patented face
Jim Halpert making his patented face

Jim Halpert

Jim was everything that you wanted to be if you were a character in the office. The office prankster, the cool guy, Jim did it all. Ever since he proclaimed his feelings to Pam and transferred to the Stanford branch to get away, you found a soft spot in your heart for Jim and wanted to see him happy. Throughout the years, you see him and Pam grow together and finally get a legit shot with each other. Their wedding may in fact be the best episode to have ever been made. Your eyes couldn't help but tear up when the family dances down the isle to Chris Brown's song "Forever" while Jim and Pam exchange glances and smiles right after they were married on a boat at Niagra Falls.

"Beasley" at her finest
"Beasley" at her finest

Pam Halpert

Pam Halpert aka "Beasley" as we have grown to know her, plays an interesting role in the show. There are several times where all you want to do is reach out and grab her, shake her and ask her what the hell she is doing. The way she bounces back and forth between flirting with Jim and then going back to Roy really gets your blood boiling. In the long run when all is said and done, there is not much you can say negatively about her. Jim and Pam make the perfect couple, the couple that you want with your wife one day. Pam melted our hearts as a receptionist and dominated the sales game.

Toby Flenderson's permanent face
Toby Flenderson's permanent face

Toby Flenderson

Who am I kidding, Toby's the worst.


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