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Who Wants to be The King of Cheesy Rap?

Updated on December 1, 2012

Greg Reese Wants To Be The King of Cheesy Rap

He Gets The Story and he Raps Too!

Greg Reese is the Son in Mom and Son Citizen Journalists. I, of course, am the Mom. We run the streets together, some people might say. As Mom and Son we seek out news, the arts and interesting events in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky; then we grab our cameras and take to the streets to capture the story.

Greg's video stories have appeared on and aired on the CNN network of news stations, as well as a local Fox affiliate. He's been making a name for himself as a local videographer; but recently Greg Reese has been focusing on his sillier, cheesier side.


Greg's Cheesy Rap History

Since he was a teenager, Greg has been interested in Hip hop music, but never the hardcore, scary stuff. He's more of a corny, silly, funny rapper, a la Fresh Prince during his early rapping days. It's a style Greg likes to call "Cheesy." He credits Fresh Prince, Will Smith, with being his cheesy inspiration after a chance meeting with the star in an elevator.

He's been gaining online fans with his Cheesy new rap music for a while; and now he wants to be the King of Cheesy Rap. Who else would want that title anyway?

Rapping for Greg is nothing new

As a teenager and young adult, he was involved in talent shows and public performances at local events. At 17 he was hired by the local utility company to do a Hip-Hop music public service video that explained to young children where electricity came from.

When CNN aired the Ba-Rock Song, an Obama rap Greg created during the 2008 presidential campaign, they renamed it the CNN Obama Rap. They also posted his Palin, McCain and Joe Biden Raps on CNN.COM. Of course his political raps were'nt quite as cheesy as the stuff he's doing now, but they were cheesy enough.

Greg Prepares for his Tweet Tweet Video.
Greg Prepares for his Tweet Tweet Video.

Greg's Wife & Not So Cheesy Wife Background Singer

Here Dawnyell does her version of the 7 second second Windows 7 video.
Here Dawnyell does her version of the 7 second second Windows 7 video.

Wife, Mother, HR Specialist & Background Singer

Greg has help in his Cheesy Rap quest. Despite multiple duties that keep her busy; when called upon, his wife, Dawnyell, contributes her classically trained voice as Greg's favorite background Singer.

Both Dawnyell and their son, Daniel, have made appearances in Greg's videos.

Greg Reese is the "Ghost On A Stick"

Greg really gets into character when he does his Cheesy Raps. Here he becomes the Ghost character while filming along Cincinnati's Ohio Riverfront.
Greg really gets into character when he does his Cheesy Raps. Here he becomes the Ghost character while filming along Cincinnati's Ohio Riverfront.

Cheesy Rap - A Definition

So what exactly is Cheesy Rap?

There is no real definition of Cheesy Rap, so I have taken the liberty of creating one myself.

Cheesy Rap - noun. Pronounce Chee-zee Rap

Cheesy Spoken word songs with chintzy style.

Quirky Rap. Hip-Hop with corny overtones.

Goofy lyrics with cutesy costumes and backgrounds.


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