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Who Will Get Two Weeks Immunity ?

Updated on October 6, 2016

Bigg Boss has played a master stroke of giving two weeks immunity but I think Bigg Boss should have waited for it. I think its still early for such a task. The super dumb Rishabh went out first from the car task & it shows he is not fit for the game. Priya even urinated in the car.

Winning the immunity task won't be easy. I think Prince gonna win the task & as per the promo Priya & Rochelle gonna give him tough fight. Today its gonna be huge ruckus in the house as the immunity task enters 2nd day.

If grapevines are to be believed Rochelle will be forced out of the car by Rishabh. So the winner of the immunity task will be either Prince or Priya Malik.

I am sure Digangana will be evicted this week, not because she is unwell but she is the weekest contestant on the show. Rimi Sen I think is not at all interested in the game & I won't call her lazy but she looks to be extremely stubborn.

I think Bigg Boss is not utilizing Babaji properly. Babaji should be used more often to create tension & friction between the participants.

According to the promo last night, Bigg Boss is supposed to open the doors for those who want to leave the house. The chances are Rimi Sen might leave the house tonight. If she leaves the house tonight than there is a strong possibility that she might have mentioned such an eviction clause in her contract. If it happens than Rimi Sen is really in a win-win situation. Now let's wait & see what's gonna happen tonight.

Who will get 2 weeks immunity ?

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