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Who Wins the Game of Thrones?

Updated on March 17, 2019
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Game of Thrones Season 8 launches in April 2019. Join us for a tongue in cheek assessment of the main characters likely fate.

GOT Season 8 Official Trailer

Who lives Who dies

This is all speculation but I will break this up into a few categories. Certain to Die, Possibly Die and Live.

Certain to Die

The Mountain. The Hound will put an end to a lifetime of bullying and kill his brother in single combat.

The Hound. The Mountain is no easy beat and The Hound will probably die of wounds shortly after killing the Mountain. Given his fear of fire the Hound may die a flaming death.

Cersei Lannister. Cersei is one of those too repulsive to survive characters and is at the top of Arya Starks hit list. It would however be Ironic if Queen Cersei was done in by the King Slayer!

Jaime Lannister. Jaime Lannister appears to be defending Winterfell in the trailer but don't forget there were some references to Cersei being the death of Jaime in Season 7. Possibly an act of revenge in a love triangle with Brienne of Tarth.

The Night King. The Night King must die it's him or every other character.

Bran Stark. Bran will play a major part in the war with the Night King and will pass from over exertion.

Robin Arryn. If Game of Thrones had a Jah Jah Binks character its Robin Arryn. Jah Jah must die. Preferably violently!

Undead Ned. Sean Bean is famous for dying on screen. I am looking forward to some Stark Walkers making a brief cameo in Season 8 before they taste the Valerian Steel!

Possibly Die

Sansa Stark. Sansa tops my list of possible deaths as there will undoubtedly be a lot of tragedy in the season ahead. Although if your looking for a real twist Sansa has leadership skills if Dany and John don't make it.

John Snow. John is likely to die defending Danaerys or fall victim to some Lannister Treachery. Call it Karmic adjustment for that accidental incest thing.

Jorah Mormont. Apart from that little spying business in the early seasons Jorah Mormont has been a faithful servant to Daenerys. Hoping against hope for a chance of something more. With so many suitors I think it fitting that Jorah dies defending Daenerys from the Night King, Golden company or perhaps the undead dragon.

Theon Greyjoy. Hands up if your sick of Theon. Thought so. All right off you go!

Certain to Live

Grey Worm and Missendei. Greyworm is the coolest gelding since Phar Lap. The Greyworm and Missendei story has a lot further to go. Expect Greyworm to be fighting alongside the unsullied throughout season 8 and one of our favorite couples will still be intact at the end.

Podrick Payne. Promotion will be quick in season 8. Podrick will distinguish himself in battle and be knighted before taking a key part in the final battles of GOT.

Tormond Giantsbane. Last seen fleeing for dear life as an undead Dragon destroyed the wall Tormond is a pretty hard guy to kill.

Tyrian Lannister. Tyrian can't be killed. All who have tried have lived to regret it. Apart from that he is just too popular with the fans.

Brienne of Tarth. Too strong too noble. Watch Brienne get really annoyed when Jaime Lannister dies.

Bronn. The lovable rogue has the smarts to survive any hardship. Bronn will still be standing when the music stops for sure. Bold prediction Bronn will settle down with Brienne of Tarth. Yin and Yang!

Arya Stark. Harder to kill then a cockroach and a trained assassin with plenty of bad guys and gals to hunt down Arya will stab, slash and poison her way to the end of the last episode. Although the trailer does show Arya running in terror. Could it be White walker Starks raised by the night king? or perhaps the faceless man?

Melisandre. Melisandre has served one god and a few kings in her time. She usually disappears when trouble comes too close to her and the lord of light will undoubtedly feature in the battles with the Night King. Melisandre will use her influence as always from a safe distance.

Gendry. The serf with royal blood Gendry has been lurking around since the first episode and after a bit more involvement in Season 7 we can expect Gendry to be a key figure in the wars to come.

And The Winner Is

Ok so John and Daenerys can't be King and Queen because they are already Aunt and Nephew. We have to assume good prevails which rules out Cersei and the night King. Everybody expects Daenerys to sit on the Iron Throne. Myself included. There is every chance she will rule as a benevolent single queen but hang on. Queens need heirs and Daenerys has already said that the Dragons will be her only offspring. So does Daenerys take the throne and establish benevolent rule until she dies? At which point the hole Game of Thrones thing starts again? Unlikely.

What if Daenerys emerges victorious and abolishes the throne establishing a democratic system with a bicameral parliament? This seems a whole lot more plausible than doing the whole King thing again. So my outrageously bold prediction is Daenerys wins, abolishes the monarchy, destroys the throne, establishes an alternate form of elected government and marries... Gendry who has come to prominence throughout Season 8 they see out there lives doing good deeds, righting wrongs and selling timeshare on the Dornish coast.

Thanks for reading. Lets see if I have gotten any of this right!

The Winner of the Game of Thrones

Who will sit on the Iron Throne at the end of Season 8

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