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Who can save the society from electronic inventions?

Updated on May 21, 2016

Ancient village environment.

Our society prior to electronic inventions!

Our forefathers had followed the ideal life of ‘simple living and high thinking’! To day, people follow ‘minimal thinking and high living’. Earlier, the earnings were poor but the expenses were little catering to food and other essential needs for leading a life. There were no televisions; no newspapers in the village environment and radio were a luxury. Later the government has introduced community radio service in public parks. Just compare their life with the present day youth!

Since the needs in ancient society were minimal, there were fewer worries. Communication facilities were to the barest minimum. In cases of emergencies, telegrams were sent which will be delivered by special messengers. Even the lowest denomination of a rupee could fetch you something useful. Yes, people used to purchase betel nuts for one single paisa. One rupee was a huge amount. You can finish a full meal within half a rupee!. It was really golden days. There was absolute amity between the members of families in each village. People were never greedy in the beginning. Only after the advent of “Talkies” which exhibit cinema, people started acquiring bad ideas. In a way, cinema was the first poisonous seed planted in the minds of people.

Simple ways of Living!

The food habits of people at that time were frugal. They were never interested in the palate. Wholesome grains, ragi, corn and rice were their staple food. Buttermilk was taken to quench their thirst. They toiled hard in the fields all through the day, took only rice porridge along with some chutney or even raw onion pieces and green chilies. They took bath in cold water, maintained fine health due to natural air, river water or well water and green leaf preparations frequented their simple diet. Coconut and simple diary products kept them healthy. Only a midwife will be available for taking care of deliveries, pregnant ladies and babies. All others were in good health and they knew many home remedies for simple health problems! Their only entertainment was attending temples every evening, participating in the congregational worship and conducting temple functions at frequent intervals. People at that time cared for human values more and hence crimes were rare.

Simple living leads to Joy.

Films were the first culprits in society!

After the movie era, taboos of life were never cared by the younger generations. Though the elders tried to control the behavior of youngsters, rebellion started, copying the trend of cinema. Girls and young women were at more risk. Boys started wooing the girls secretly and it was during that time, ‘adultery’ has slowly entered the life of people. Urban development and migration to towns and cities for education and employment made matters worse. Even girls aspired for higher education in collages. Hostel life started for those who had no dependents in the cities and towns. Then the toddy culture entered in the villages. Workers started consuming toddy to forget their worries and discomforts.

This is the beginning of , disruption in small households. The little money earned by the breadwinner was spent on toddy! This is how poverty pestered many families previously. Health and education of the dependents took a toll. There were suicides in the families due to drunkenness of the husbands. The children became orphan or they went with some of their relatives who utilized them for their household works but paid them little. From that time, the master servant culture started. Immorality has slowly started penetrating in the life of many youngsters, young girls who thought ‘money’ is the sole aim of life. They invented many ways to earn, even indulging in immoral acts.

But the damage was limited to certain pockets. When television, mobile and internet came into existence, deterioration of morals was most rapid. There were no checks and controls in the family. Mobile phones seem to be a status symbol for youngsters. Secrets preserved within oneself started going viral due to face book, Orkut, whatapps and other social platforms. Videos through smart phones spelled the death nail for moral values in society. Porn sites became accessible to one and all. How long a parent can watch over the habits of their sons and daughters? The drug menace, the world over entered in every nook and corner of the globe. There were instances that boys using drugs even within school premise. Shooting incidents in schools and collages became normal. Even a toddler handling the gun and killing the elder is not news now?

The creator alone can set right things now!

Hence the entertainment industry has spoiled the morality of society to a great extent. Have they helped the common citizens at any time? Who can check this sad trend in society except the creator himself? Yes, he awaits the moment to enter into the society once again to set right things. The task is monumental. Previously Lord Krishna took birth and lifted a mountain to protect the villagers and cattle from huge deluge. Now, a mountain range has to be lifted to protect the good people, women and children from the hands of enemies of society. It is high time that the Lord reappears once again and corrects the grievous situations of the entire world. Violence and terrorism are more rampant around the globe. There is complete collapse of human value systems. No leader worth his salt can set right the downfall of society!

Social network traps!


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