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Who Entertains the World Most? Trump or Mowgli?

Updated on April 27, 2016
robredman profile image

I am a software engineer working full time and following bachelor degree in software engineering. Love movies, traveling and food.

This article is just for fun. It is not meant to hurt anyone. I am writing about what I see nowadays in the media and the public

This evening I went to watch "The Jungle Book". I was laughing and enjoying myself when right in the middle of the show I became very quiet.

It was not because of Baloo's song, it was because of a video clip I saw yesterday on a website where people are asked what they think about Donald Trump. AND … it just picked this time to pop into my mind!

One of them replied to the interviewer "I do not like him but I enjoy watching him!"

As far as we know the media and the public have never before in US history made this much fun of a presidential candidate.

I do not have deep knowledge of politics but I always listen to the news related to Trump. Do you know why I think the news about him does not relate to politics but does relate to comedy?

Actually The Jungle Book was very interesting. After forty minutes when I went to the washroom I was thinking about Trump not Mowgli who I was watching just a minute ago. That has never happened to me before. I am a movie freak.

I watched another clip where the interviewer mentions some random quotes to Trump supporters which were originally quoted by Hitler and asks the supporters, "Do you agree with what he says?" All of his supporters just blindly agreed with the quotes and added some extra supportive words to make it stronger. When the interviewer says, "These are quotes by Hitler not by Trump", they simply say, "I support Trump not Hitler". Oh man ... that was hilarious.

The one who was using the facilities next to me saw my phone screen and said "Bush got slippers thrown only once. Not sure how many times this guy's going to get thrown at".
Jeez ... I could do nothing but smile. ufff!

On Disney's official YouTube page, The Jungle Book has 22,126,931 views as I am writing this but if we calculate the views of video clips which are about Trump they are more than 22,126,931 views. So logic suggests to us - Trump entertains the world more than The Jungle Book?

Google shows $314.2 million USD at the box office for The Jungle Book as I type this (April 23, 2016). Now, think about this … if Trump charged for the views and for listening to his speeches he could have earned more billions than he has now.

Mowgli is able to beat Snow Queen, Snow White and The Huntsman but not Donald Trump for entertainment!

We will forget about Mowgli when we watch another movie but I guess we won’t be forgetting our Donald Trump for a while.

Who entertains you most?

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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 

      2 years ago from > California

      "Drumpf" Trump doesn't "Entertain" the WORLD, he's an Embarrassment to the United States ~

      I don't see any WORLD Leaders "Laughing" at Trump I just see them WONDERING How & WHY this Delusional Individual is Allowed to run for the Presidency of the United States of AMERICA while engaging in a Demented "Publicity STUNT" ~


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