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Who is More Cool, Phineas or Ferb?

Updated on January 2, 2012

Disney first introduced Phineas and Ferb in 2007. The pair of bright step-brothers secretly built a roller coaster in the first episode. Each week since their sister Candace tries in vain to alert her mother of the delightful duo's antics, but somehow she always misses it. In addition to the main story line, a B-plot features the exciting escapades of Perry the platypus, the family's beloved pet, who is also Agent P, a secret agent working to fight the evil Doctor Doofenshmirtz.

This Raises Some Questions

There are some questions this show raises. Why won't fate ever give Candace a break and let her rat her brothers out once and for all? How can a platypus do all that cool stuff? How is it that Phineas and Ferb build all this stuff in a single day, when the Department of Highways takes two years to fix a pothole at the end of my street? All these questions pale in comparison to the real issue. Who is cooler, Phineas or Ferb?

The Argument for Phineas

Phineas is the more talkative and shorter of the two step-brothers. It's largely his attempt to cure his summer vacation boredom that results in the creation of so many nifty inventions, like roller coasters, day spas, and the big mountain car wash. Here are some things that make him a really cool guy:

  • He puts others first.
  • He is very smart.
  • He isn't afraid to use his imagination.
  • He likes to have fun.
  • He is brave enough to follow his dreams.

The Argument for Ferb

Ferb is the taller, quieter of the step-brothers. His role in the show is to take care of the engineering behind the crazy ideas Phineas dreams up. He doesn't try to sway his brother from attempts at curing their boredom over summer vacation, but instead comes up with detailed plans to construct impossible things in the back yard, like a robot rodeo, a plane, and a virtual video game. Here are some of the things that make Ferb cool:

  • He likes to have fun.
  • He cares about others.
  • He is a good listener.
  • He is insightful.
  • He likes animals.

So who will get your vote? Will it be for brainstorming Phineas, or clever Ferb? Or maybe you'll say neither and vote for Perry the platypus, aka Agent P!

Thanks for reading!

Who is more cool, Phineas or Ferb? (Or Perry?)

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