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Who Is Shane Dawson? Why He Is More Than Just an Internet Personality

Updated on January 29, 2019
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Who is Shane Dawson?

Shane Dawson is an American media personality and director, with over twenty million subscribers on YouTube, a video-sharing website that allows users to upload, watch others' videos, rate, and comment on them. Shane created his channel on year 2008. Most of his early content consisted of role-playing videos and popular culture. During year 2013, Shane launched his own podcast that ran for over four years. In year 2015, Shane began creating conspiracy videos that revolved mostly around popular culture and crime investigations. In year 2018, Shane started his own documentary show,collaborating with A-list yet controversial media personalities on YouTube platform such as beauty guru Jeffree Star, video blogger Jake Paul, and other famous media personalities such as Tana Mongeau, and Trisha Paytas. Shane Dawson has been running his YouTube channel for almost 11 years.

How Shane Dawson impacted the YouTube community

Shane has been very active on YouTube since early 2008, creating short wild video sketches and comedy videos, catered to teenagers and children alike. Moreover, he had a music career which was only shortly-lived, releasing parodies of popular music videos for entertainment. Most of Shane's creations were on par with other creators on YouTube platform - often filled with jokes and comedic effects for an impact. As time passes by, competition on YouTube increases among content creators, allowing them to outperform one another in terms of followers, quality of the video, and social media presence. If one doesn't last long due to competition, relevancy starts to fade and viewers move onto the next creator.

The progress of his content was what made him dominant on YouTube community today - from comedy skits and parodies; to conspiracy theories and documentary series of other famous personalities on YouTube. It was strategic yet creative of him to add high-production value conspiracies videos and documentaries to his existing content as it offered fresh content to the YouTube history. Shane firstly uploaded a series of videos in which he interviewed Tana Mongeau, a famous media personality who spearheaded a failed event known as "TanaCon". The said event was meant for millennials to get to know their favorite content creators which failed miserably. This spiraled viewers to millions, receiving praises for the depth and production quality of the video. The next was his collaboration and switching lives with Trisha Paytas, who creates hauls and mukbang videos, in which she binges a large amount of food while interacting with her audience live. Shane's collaboration with her was entertaining as he was able to imitate and get to know her lifestyle.

Shane's third collaboration was with Jeffree Star, a beauty guru known for his straightforward reviews of cosmetic products. His series with him was known to many as "The Secret Life of Jeffree Star", consisting five-part series of him getting to know the lifestyle of Jeffree and his personality behind the camera. Shane was able to uncover his true personality and sympathize with his vulnerabilities. His last collaboration was rather controversial and it was with Jake Paul, an american actor and internet personality notoriously known for his pranks and feuds with other famous internet personalities such as his past girlfriends Alissa Violet; and Erika Costell. The series was known as "The Mind of Jake Paul", consisting eight-part series in which he consulted a psychologist about the behaviors of sociopath. Luckily, he was able to interview Jake's former friends to get to know his personality behind the camera in the series. However, the series wasn't that enough to delve deeper into Jake Paul's mind and Shane really lacked straightforwardness to get him to open up his personal issues which led some of his followers to criticize him for being too soft. On the other hand, he did a great job getting viewers to sympathize with Jake's past and the cause the led him to become the person he is today.

Moreover, what sets apart Shane's creations from the rest of content creators is his authentic and non judgmental personality that allows him to give chance and get to know more of controversial celebrities like he did with Tana Mongeau, Trisha Paytas, Jeffree Star, and Jake Paul. He knows that there is more to a celebrity than what is seen on the screen. Shane's ability take on controversial figures has been praised by viewers and commentators alike.

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      16 months ago

      Im also a fan of Shane Dawson and it's great that you wrote about him


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