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Who is the Fear/Walking Dead Crossover Character?

Updated on November 24, 2017
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Bonnie Taylor is the author of the Not Forgotten novels, a paranormal fiction series available on Amazon.

The Announcement is Coming

On Sunday, November 26, 2017, The Talking Dead will officially reveal the Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead crossover character who will tie the two shows together in a shared mythology.

For the past two years, fans have been theorizing which characters could potentially fill this role. While many theories exist, some range from wishful thinking to the absolute bizarre, including the likes of Shiva and Myrle Dixon as potential cross over characters.

With the announcement looming on the horizon, let’s look at some of the more likely candidates.

Abraham Ford (The Walking Dead)

In one theory, Abraham has been pegged as patient zero in the crossover conspiracy. But why him? Simple, we know that he had a wife and children, but we know nothing about his travels prior to their death and his first meeting with Eugene Porter.

Abraham was clearly military so it is possible that he might have been stationed in California. This would put him smack dab in the middle of Fear country and open the door for a believable crossover. It’s okay to open it, there wouldn’t be any dead inside…yet.

To add fuel to this theory, show runners have recently confirmed that season four of Fear the Walking Dead will be set in Texas. Remember, Abraham and Eugene began their DC journey in Houston.

Andrea (Harrison) (The Walking Dead)

Andrea is another potential candidate. As a civil rights lawyer, Andrea would have been more likely to travel from coast to coast than say, the Dixon brothers and with the large immigrant population in the LA area, it would be a likely place for a civil rights lawyer to find cases. Perhaps she was flying home when word of the outbreak hit the wire. Maybe that was why she and Amy were on the road? Headed to Florida to meet up with their parents?

Madison Clark (Fear the Walking Dead)

Madison has claimed to be from Montgomery, Alabama linking her to the east coast. Fans have theorized that Maddy may in fact be related to Rick Grimes and that family tie would lay the groundwork for a crossover. After all, Madison did take a Grimes like role in the Fear Universe becoming an unlikely leader and quickly learning that the living can be more dangerous than the dead.

Another theory suggests that Maddy will travel to DC and may be the leader of the next group to butt heads with the Alexandrians. Perhaps she becomes a Whisperer?

This is a solid theory because the Walking Dead show runners love to pose the idea that if we met our bad guys when the world turned, we may be sympathetic to them suggesting that Rick's group are only "the good guys" because we know them and therefore, justify their actions.

Morales (The Walking Dead)

In season one Morales and his family split from the group to head to Birmingham, Alabama. We learned in Season 8 that they didn’t make it. Could Morales have ties to Madison Clark, his fellow Alabaman? If not, could he have ties to someone else in LA? This would certainly make his sudden and short “lived” return to The Walking Dead more meaningful.

Negan (The Walking Dead)

We don’t know much about Negan’s life prior to the outbreak. We learned some small details in the last episode when he told Gabriel that he was married and that his wife was sick prior to the outbreak. We also learned that he worked with children. Could Negan have been a teacher at Paul R. Williams High School making him a co-worker of Madison Clark? Perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Negan (The first Lucille) left LA for D.C. so that she could die at home.

The Helicopter

Less thrilling is the theory that the season 8 helicopter sighting by Rick Grimes was a set up for the cross over. In season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead, a helicopter is shot down. Could someone have fixed it and traveled in to Walking Dead territory?

This theory knocks out the idea that any crossover would happen in the past and opens the door for a Fear character to integrate in to the Walking Dead Universe.


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