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Whodunnit -- And The Killer Is

Updated on August 18, 2013

I was wrong!

Even when I should have faced I was wrong, I kept thinking that maybe I was right.

We picked up where we left off with the room full of smoke and Melina had disappeared. Then the killer communicated through a distorted voice saying two would die and one would be the winner. Melina wasn't in the room when it was said, so I thought maybe it was Melina talking through the distorted voice.

Then when Melina was found on the floor of the killer's lair with blood on her neck wearing Geno's puka beads, I thought that the killer likes to mislead. What if Melina isn't really dead. They didn't really examine Melina's body. What better way for the killer to trick the final contestants than to make it look like they were murdered.

I further believed this to be true when all the dead arose and returned to help in the killer's final mega riddle that put the remaining contestants through their paces and Melina wasn't one of them. So it further convinced me that maybe Melina wasn't really dead.

And when Kam and Cris were directed back to the killer's lair, they both watched as the killer [dressed in armor] shot an arrow in Lindsey's neck. So I was sure I was right. If they were together, how could the killer kill Lindsey if she/he were one of them. So it had to mean Melina was alive and the killer. Only I was wrong.

The first riddle occurs when the smoke clears and the killer gives the riddle in a distorted voice. Kam figures the code is 613 from various clues and finds the killer's lair. In the lair is a lot of memorabilia from each of the kills and Melina is laying on the floor with Geno's puka beads around her neck and blood around her neck.

They didn't really do anything but a cursory exam of Melina which helped play into my belief that perhaps Melina had faked it and she wasn't really dead. As I said, the killer always liked to kill someone in a misleading way and Melina's death seemed a little too straight forward.

Melina was holding a puzzle piece in her hand, which was Kam's prize for finding the killer's lair first. When they returned they found three puzzles in the form of a question mark. Kam's puzzle piece fit into the question mark and gave him a leg up in the next riddle.

The killer spoke in the distorted voice again saying he'd risen the dead and all the dead house guests came down and returned to the scenes where they had been killed. All except Melina, which further fed my belief she was the killer. What followed was the guests having to run from murder scene to murder scene answering riddles the dead held up for them. If they got it wrong, they'd get the wrong puzzle piece. But if they solved the riddle correctly they'd get the right puzzle piece.

What followed was the final three running from crime scene to crime scene solving riddles to get puzzle pieces. Giles proves to be one of the puzzle pieces. He's in the attic and he directs you to his employment contract downstairs and then you have to run back up to the attic to tell Giles if he's the killer or not.

I thought it was hilarious that Kam is a lawyer and he totally missed the addendum that clearly stated Giles wasn't the killer, but he told Giles he was the killer, getting the wrong puzzle piece. But Kam managed to get all his puzzle pieces correct and made it to the killers lair first, again. Cris was right behind him.

When Lindsey got her puzzle pieces correct she was flashed a different riddle from Kam and Cris that had her walking into the killer's last trap. When she entered the trap the killer was dressed in armor and fired an arrow in Lindsey's neck.

Back in the killer's lair both Kam and Cris accused each other of being the killer. Then Cris started speaking in riddles and admitted it was true, that she was the killer. She was the last person I actually suspected of being the killer. I was sure it would either be Kam or Melina.

What followed were flashbacks of Cris killing all her victims. Giles arrived with Kam's money and he put the golden handcuffs on Cris and she was lead away. Then he was greeted by all the former guests. I noticed there was some coldness between Kam and several of the contestants. Don shook his hand and Kam hugged Melina.

I have to say when all is said and done I don't really feel Kam figured out who the killer was. It was more of a last man standing has the killer confess to them. Earlier Cris, Lindsey and Kam all accused each other of being the killer. Because Kam got the riddle solved first and got to the killer's lair first, he won all the money. But as I said, I don't really think you can say he truly figured out who the killer was.

I guess I was kind of disappointed in the finale. It involved very little detective work. It was more the contestants running from crime scene to crime scene solving riddles from past solved crimes. No real putting all the clues together and figuring out which of the remaining guests was the killer.

The only thing I got right was the killer was a woman. I was convinced of that after Dana and Sasha's murders. Only a woman could make-up another woman's face as perfectly as Dana and Sasha's face was made up. And I guess the key clue that Cris was the killer was when Giles pointed out that Cris never got a scared card, which I think is kind of stupid of the killer. If you didn't want someone to become suspicious you would give yourself a scared card at least once.

I don't know if this show will be back again some day, but if it does return it needs to do a lot of retooling.


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    • profile image

      Jay 4 years ago

      Actually, if you watch the finally you'll hear a almost machine like noise coming from the armor as it moved. So, obviously, the killer wasn't in the room because Cris and Kam were in the other room. So my guess would be that the armor had a motion detector on it and when Lindsey walked through, it immediately aimed and shot at her.

      And despite the name of the show, very early on it was started that this wasn't really a Whodunnit? more as how it was done. While I understand about the whole puzzle piece thing, that just seemed random to me, no one was spared because they knew who or didn't knew who the killer was. Heck, people weren't even judge about their theories. Giles did a interview where he revealed that after each time someone does their theory, they have a multiple choice test about the previous murder and the person with the lowest score is killed. I think that's how Lindsey survived the first week, considering she didn't even get the murder weapon right.