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Whodunnit? -- Dressed To Kill

Updated on July 29, 2013

Ronnie crashes and burns

As we the viewers are welcomed to Rue Manor for another week or murder and mayhem, strange organ music fills the air as guests are shown in their room reacting to the sound. Geno comes down the stairs and discovers Sasha posed at the piano like she's playing and Dana standing by the side listening. Both have make-up perfectly applied and their both dressed to kill and they killer has done just that. He's killed them. Geno also notices that the air conditioner in the room is turned up really high.

To add to this macabre scene is Giles, who starts dancing with two of the maids. The dude can be overly dramatic at times, but he does make the show.

This week no one gets to examine the scene of the crime, instead they get a choice of either Sasha or Dana's bedrooms and the morgue. Geno and Lindsay take Sasha's room, where they find a wash cloth with red lipstick on it. They also find wheel marks on the carpet, along with a set of bare feet and a very large pair of men's shoes. They also find spots of blood leading a trail to a secret elevator. Cris and Melina find pretty much the same thing, minus the lipstick stained wash cloth. Cris also finds a device where you can slide it under the door and unlock the person's bedroom door. Cris also believes the large footprints are Geno's.

Meanwhile, Ronnie and Kam take the morgue and Kam proposes a deal where Geno is left out in the cold. Ronnie wants to give Geno false info so Geno doesn't realize Ronnie has stabbed him in the back, but Kam wants him to pull the same crap that turned most of the house against good old Kam. You know the elitist little group he got together and then anyone that tries to talk to them, he gives them the direct cut and won't acknowledge them like they're beneath him and not worthy the breathe the same air as he does. Ronnie doesn't end up doing what Kam wanted him to do, so Kam drop kicks him after Ronnie has burned his bridges with both Melina and Geno and he's left out in the cold.

As for Sasha and Dana's bodies, a slash mark is found on their forearm. One has the mark on the right forearm and the other on the left forearm. Ronnie lies to Geno that it was on the same arm. Dana's also has marks on her back that Kam thinks are claw marks, but were really made by the edge of a knife. Both bodies also have white fibers up their nostrils.

Geno suspects Ronnie is back-stabbing him, but plays along with what Ronnie's telling him. Ronnie also secretly passes Melina a note behind Geno's back with all the information she needs. When Kam double-crosses Ronnie Melina feels they got what they deserved because they should have played it honest and not tried to back stab Geno.

The riddle this week takes place down in the movie theater where the guests find life-size dummies of themselves and a silent movie with clues. It leads them to the piano where they find a scalpel and then they all return to cut up their dummies to find the clue. Since Cris was told about the wounds on Dana's back, she finds the clue first and discovers a secret morgue behind the morgue. In it she finds the cart used to transport Sasha's body, the knife that was held at Dana's back. another lipstick-stained wash cloth, two blood metal slabs and the big shoes stuffed with something showing it wasn't Geno, after all.

So how did the murder take place? The killer used the device Cris found to open doors to open Sasha's door. He then chloroformed her with a washcloth and stuffed her in the cart he used to move her. Then he opened Dana's room in a similar fashion, but didn't kill Dana. He held a knife at her back and forced her to move the cart into the elevator as he held the knife to her back, leaving a trail of blood spots to the elevator. Once in the secret morgue, he used another wash cloth to chloroform Dana. Then he drained all the blood from both their bodies. Afterwards he moved their bodies back to where they were found, dressed them up in pretty clothes, applied perfect make-up to them and posed them. He turned the air conditioner up so rigamortis would set in, explaining how Dana was able to be standing up the side of the piano without falling over.

I actually think the killer may have showed her hand, because could a man really apply make-up that perfectly to a dead woman's face? And the make-up on Dana and Sasha had been flawlessly applied. Maybe a drag queen or a professional male make-up artist could, but do Ronnie and Kam seem like they possess those qualities? And none of the killings seemed to done in a manner where you'd need physical strength.

In fact, that may explain why the killer forced Dana to wheel the cart, instead of also chloroforming Dana and adding her body to the cart. One, it would be very heavy to roll. And two, Dana might have been too heavy for the killer to move her body into the cart, as well. No offense meant to Dana, but the lady didn't exactly look light, if you know what I mean. The killer took a big chance leaving Dana alive and making her wheel the cart to the elevator. Dana could have screamed and alerted the other guests, so maybe the killer had no choice, because Dana would be too heavy for the killer to manage.

As of now, I'm leaning towards Melina being the killer. She's never gotten a scared card. She was the only one who mentioned rigamortis in this episode. And I think the killer is arrogant enough they would have revealed they were the killer and laugh over the fact the other guests didn't get it. When the killer mashed together all the guests voices, Melina's was the first to speak and to say she was the killer, but no one took it seriously.

At dinner, Cris is shocked when she isn't named MVP and Kam gets it. And Geno isn't shocked when he gets a scared card, as does Ronnie. But there's no doubt in Geno's mind or mine that Geno will be the next to get it, although I wished he hadn't. Kam also can't wait to out Ronnie to Geno for his betrayal.

Giles enters and says there will be a luau tonight and the killer says no one will die, tonight. Of course, the killer lied. After Giles does the limbo, Geno is proposing a toast when the lights go out, a crash is heard and when the lights come back on Geno is lying dead on the floor with the chandelier on top of him.


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