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Who's next? "YOU'RE NEXT". Will the film live up to the hype?

Updated on March 16, 2014

YOU'RE NEXT - In theaters August 23rd, 2013

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Coming to a theater near you August 23rd, 2013 - Check your local theaters for pricing and showtimes.
Coming to a theater near you August 23rd, 2013 - Check your local theaters for pricing and showtimes.
Coming to a theater near you August 23rd, 2013 - Check your local theaters for pricing and showtimes. | Source
THE WOLF | Source

Will this be the NEXT big home invasion terror flick?

With such great films as "Dial M for Murder (1954)", "Wait Until Dark (1967)", and even the Stanley Kubrick classic "A Clockwork Orange (1971)" being centered around a real life fear of your home being invaded, a subgenre to horror was created without realization. This new subgenre being the market of "the home invasion" fear itself. While other movies are playing the 88 keys to the chords of humanity's worst rationalization of bad things to come such as the dead coming back to life, beasts in the black forests, and even that of being locked into tight spaces, this new visceral subgenre really hits home. Literally. We all know that the most important zombie to ever walk was Jesus and we all know that Bigfoot has been hunted to no avail since the "Patterson Video" hit mainstream society. Having your home invaded and your family in danger is a very real terror many people WORLDWIDE face, on a daily basis in some parts of the globe. This fear is REAL. This fear is LEGITIMATE. This fear is the worst of all fears, it will take everything you love from you violently without discrimination.

The market for home invasion films has swayed to and fro, like a tide of crimson abomination, only adhering to the trending of crimes going on in the world at the time. There have been nearly 10 year periods where a film was not made in this genre, but at the same time, the crime stories for home invasions were not on the nightly news like they are now. The world is growing more violent everyday and the news/media bleed this fact out onto your television sets in your comfy living rooms. The film industry just wants you to think, "Hey, this could REALLY happen to me!". Industry marketing for film has always targeted special demographics of ages, races, cultures, and now they are targeting the demographic of true human terror and the reality thereof.

"You're Next (2013)" is a testament to the statement above. Could you really be next? What if you go out to see this film on opening night only to return home and have your fears come to life? What would you do? Who would you BECOME? The time is creeping ever more closely to find out if all of this worst case scenario stuff could be real.

After "The Purge (2013)" went on to make $81 Million this past June, why not bring the "home invasion" to a level of reality with taking characters you will grow to love, hate, and fear and place them at odds against each other during a terror come to life in an very ordinary setting. From everything released to the public prior to the premiere this looks like it will be a violent and bloody ride through hell and maybe back. We just do not know what will happen next. I am sure it will not disappoint even the most avid fiends of horror vision out there. This could be one for the books from the sound of things.

Not only contending with "The Purge" is what will really test this film., Other recent releases in the past few years have stood their own ground and will have to stand in the ring next to "You're Next" very soon. We can only take a guess by looking at the films of the past to give us a proper and fairly accurate indicator into the future. Films such as : "Straw Dogs (2011)", "The Collection (2012)", "The Collector (2009)", "Martyrs (2008)", "The Strangers (2008", and MANY others will be the determining factor as to if "You're Next" will go into cult status mode. If it can surpass this last few mentioned, then it stands a good chance at being among the top contenders. Besides, you can not have a good home invasion film these days without David Hess, Camille Keaton, and just pure ultraviolence.

THE LION | Source

Why are these films so violent and sometimes offensive?

Violence is common place in a world living within the year 2013. It is part of life. You want to complain about gas prices but you fail to realize the blood which was shed to get the price to that of which you fill up your tank with tomorrow. The films depicting this vile, disgusting, horrendous side of humanity is not just for show and to please all the sickos out there, trust me. Violence portrayed on screen used to be very controversial in the decades past. The MPAA has fought many films over this matter. Is it life imitating art? It might have been feasible to begin to conceive this years ago but now, after all the world has been through, it is very much the opposite. IT IS art imitating life when it comes to the violence portrayed on screen this day and age.

Say what you will about violence being everywhere in media but remember first, this violence is real life brought into the news and then trickled down into the video game and film industries. Production companies are NOT trying to brainwash your children into going out and murdering people or anything of this nature. If anything, these films could possibly teach people a thing or two about how to survive during circumstances similar to those shown within any given film. A film can be inspirational and make you want to try your best to live your dreams, whether you succeed or fail is different. So how far fetched of an idea is it to say that some of these films people look at as violent or offensive could maybe show people what could be done in situations like those shown? It is not far from reality if you think of it all with an open mind like this. Will a zombie virus ever come into the world and threaten mankind's existence? Chances are that it will never happen. If it does happen though you can thank the film industry, beginning with GEORGE A. ROMERO for showing you different ways one might rid themselves of a zombie attack on their home.

THE LAMB | Source

What is to come after all these violent films reach their maximum limit?

All flames are extinguished eventually. Right? How much further can violent cinema go without just treading the path which has worn through with repetition of the "same ol', same ol'" routine? That depends on YOU, the viewer, the reader, the gamer, the mothers, the fathers, the children, and most of all, how each of you act on a day to day basis. If humanity as a whole can keep showing more atrocities that one could never even imagine, like has been done for centuries, then the entertainment field will follow suit. Violent outbursts in the middle east and underground video footage of captives and torture being released into the world, a horror film could NEVER go as far as the human species have already went. Remember this fact. What is done, is done.

In a world of horror remakes the only thing left is to keep releasing films with the growing violence in the world. The more violent the world becomes, the more desensitized the viewer will become, and the more the MPAA ratings board will allow to be shown on the big screen for an "R" rating. It is a trickle down effect. We all learned how that works, after the whole "trickle down economics" thing, right? The same goes for the eyes of man, the minds of man, and the heart and soul of man. Our skin is getting tougher as we go through all the tragedies that happen daily in this world. Ethnic cleansing in the Middle East, terrorist attacks, and things that have not yet happened that will still astonish those of the timid kind which are left and leave them gasping in disbelief of how could something so horrid be so real. This is mankind doing this. The film industry could never manage to release anything as disgusting, vile, violent, demented, twisted, disturbing, or as treacherous as what humankind can do to themselves. Another thing to remember.

NOW. Go and enjoy yourself a nice film and just take something positive from it other than the experience of the thrill of the cinematic genius that the horror genre really is. While you are dialing M just before the stranger calls from your panic room at the last house on the left maybe you should think before you go into the basement alone. Remember, I would never spit on your grave!

Have an awesome viewing experience everyone!

"You're Next OFFICIAL Trailer (HD)

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