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Why America Is Obsessed With Jennifer Aniston

Updated on May 31, 2011

Why the whole world is obsessed with Jennifer Aniston

I had an epiphany about Jennifer Aniston early this morning.Yes,thats right.In between my insane morning rush hour routine that includes feeding my pre-k toddler,taking a shower,eating breakfast,organising my schedule for the day and trying to make it to the bus stop in time,a random thought suddenly occured to me out of the blue: America,no,the whole world is obsessed with Jennifer Aniston because she didn't take ownership of her anger when her husband left her for a sexpot named Angelina Jolie.

Thats right.We all love a good drama as long as it doesn't involve us and we can watch safely from the sidelines.Thats why when Brad Pitt dumped Jennifer Aniston,we didn't want her to just put on a smile and pretend everything was alright.We didn't want her to keep looking immaculate and gorgeous.We didn't want to see her laughing it up with Courtney Cox and all her friends while out having lunch at the Ivy or some other over expensive restaurant.

We just wanted Jen,our Jen to play the victim card to the maximum.We wanted her to work the talk show circuit spitting vernom at Angelina Jolie and cursing out Brad Pitt.We wanted her to bare her soul to Oprah and cry it out with Barbara Walters.Heck we even wanted her to dare Angelina Jolie to an arm wrestling match on Jerry Springer and we would have bet our last dollar that Jennifer would emerge the winner.

We wanted to see some paparazzi shots of her in oversized sweat pants and unflattering pale washed out shapeless tee shirts eating fattening icecream right out of the tin.We wanted to see her hair tied back in an ugly,messed up pony tail with bright red puffy eyes to show she had been up all night long crying over her lost love.Heck,we even wanted her to gain a few pounds on that lean frame from eating all that icecream.

America and the world wanted to see her lash out in anger at the paparazzi who tailed her (kinda like what Britney did during the height of her meltdown).We wanted her to be the angry woman who declared to anyone and everyone who would listen that she was mad as hell and wasn't going to take it laying down.We wanted her to rip Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt a new one but she didn't.

Instead,Jennifer Aniston took the high road.If she was angry she kept it to herself and her inner circle.She didn't have a public meltdown.She didn't attack Angelina Jolie and whenever she talked about Brad Pitt,it was in a respectful manner.Occassionally she slipped and exposed her hurt in interviews but she quickly brushed it off,composed herself and changed subjects.She never gave the interviewers what they really wanted.Even when clearly wronged,she remained a dignified composed young lady.

We learned from watching Jennifer Aniston that no matter how horrible a hand life deals you,you put on your best poker face and march on forward.The show absolutely must go on.And that right there is why we are all obsessed with Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston Looking Fabulous On The Red Carpet

Jennifer Aniston at an award ceremony
Jennifer Aniston at an award ceremony
Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars
Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars

Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures

Jennifer Aniston relaxing at the beach in a green bikini
Jennifer Aniston relaxing at the beach in a green bikini
Jennifer Aniston sunbathing and spraying her long legs
Jennifer Aniston sunbathing and spraying her long legs

Jennifer Aniston's famous GQ magazine covers

Jennifer Aniston's Topless GQ cover
Jennifer Aniston's Topless GQ cover
Jennifer Aniston's Tie GQ cover
Jennifer Aniston's Tie GQ cover


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