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Why Bane is One of the Most Memorable Batman Villains of All Time

Updated on July 20, 2018

There is no doubt that Batman villains are some of the zaniest and most memorable characters to exist either in animation, film, or comic books. We were all introduced to Bane in "Batman" the animated series and when compared to the live action portrayals of all of the other Batman villains; it is clear that Bane is one of the most memorable Batman villains of all time. In "The Dark Knight Rises" Bane was a charismatic villain who had super human strength and the fact that he pushed the twisted ideology of the League of Shadows, to the point that he was willing to destroy the city of Gotham, makes him a devastating villain to go up against. He wanted to prove that the over indulgence of Gotham's elite had lead to the deterioration of the city's morals therefore, in his own eyes he was Gotham's savior who was trying to purge the city of it's evil. You can say that Bane's approach to the destruction of Gotham was not only psychopathic in nature but methodical and ultimately executed perfectly.

Bane Broke the Batman

Bane successfully manipulated the stock exchange in order to cause Bruce Wayne's company to become insolvent. Not long after, he took over Wayne Enterprises armory to use in the civil war that he waged within Gotham; and he did all of this right before he broke the Batman's back. Bane then went on to destroy Batman mentally by telling him of how he failed to save Gotham city. Bane was able to torment Batman psychologically and spiritually by causing him to feel helpless while he sought to destroy the city of Gotham. After breaking his back bane had him locked up in a jail thousands of miles away from the city of Gotham and he did this just to ensure that Bruce Wayne would not be able to save his beloved city. The fact that Bane was able to execute a plan of this magnitude was an attestation to how he was able to do what no other Batman villain has ever been able to get done. Bane is also one of the very few villains to uncover Batman's true identity, which he then used proceeded to use against him to the full extent of his ability.

Bane is Necessary Evil

In "The Dark Knight Rises" Roland Daggett, a corrupt and powerful business man who was seeking to use Bane, calls him pure evil. Bane responds to this by claiming, "I'm necessary evil". Bane claims to be a necessary evil, and by responding in this fashion he makes a clear distinction between himself and all of the other Batman villains. Bane was making it clear that he was not just introducing chaos into Gotham to see everything destroyed but in order to rebuild it in his image. He was trying to prove that there was a sense of righteousness to his evil plans no matter how profane and twisted his ideology was. Not too long after Bane successfully brought Armageddon upon Gotham. He did not win the battle but Bane was the closest villain to ever bring utter destruction onto Gotham.

Bane Brought Armageddon Upon Gotham

Bane is the Perfect Batman Villain

Bane successfully broke the Batman's physical body and spirit. The fact that he was trained in the same League of Shadows as Batman means that he knows every move the Batman will make before he even makes it. This knowledge is what gave Bane the element of surprise to execute his evil plans. Bane was ruthless and physically stronger than the Batman so he already had an edge over the Dark Knight, but if you mix these elements with the twisted ideology of the league of shadows that Bane adopted; you create a monster and the perfect villain. Bane is the is the anti-version of Batman who knows everything he does but is even stronger and much more ruthless. Plus the combination of his charisma, voice, and mask make him one of the most memorable Batman Villains of all time. Although Bane is not the typical Batman Villain who relies on zaniness and his unique quirks to be the most expressive villain personality wise it doesn't really matter, because physically he can break your back.


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