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Why Finding Bigfoot Can't Find Bigfoot

Updated on December 31, 2014

Finding Bigfoot

Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot makes for suspenseful television as you patiently wait in anticipation to see if maybe, just maybe, they are the first ones to capture real evidence of the mythical Sasquatch. To those of us who doubt that there really is a big, hairy ape roaming around North America, the show plays out as more of a comedy, than that of an actual show based on serious investigation. After all, who doesn't chuckle when James "Bobo" Fay automatically assumes, without hesitation, that every eyewitness account is 100% truthful, without even observing the evidence that points to the contrary right in front of him. Not to mention how he makes up random calls that range from a banshee to a bear and swears up and down that this is what a Bigfoot sounds like. I would take him at face value, if only he had at one time, heard what an actual Bigfoot sounded like.

Matt Moneymaker and Cliff Barackman are not much better, as they seem to be making up stuff as they go. They speak of what it eats and what habitat it prefers like it is a real life animal that has been observed for years. Most of the accounts are in broad daylight but just like ghost hunters, they only wish to hunt for the creature at night. Which right from the beginning gives off red flags that this really isn't a serious investigation, but, instead, is a way to build up suspense along with giving them a good reason to not catch one on camera. This tactic has been used for years when it pertains to ghost hunting shows as it leaves the viewers wondering what could be in the dark with them, without having to find out.

Why the camera is pointed at their face and not at what is in front of them is puzzling and at times frustrating as those watching have to rely on facial expressions to tell when something is happening. Sadly, the equipment that is meant to pick up noises in the background, mysteriously never actually picks up the noises that spook the Bigfoot hunters. As always, the viewers are left wondering if what the Bigfoot hunters heard was real or imaginary.

Their methods at times are silly as they Hit bats and other objects against trees to imitate a Bigfoot. They justify doing this because of soundproof that they never reveal, that this is something a Bigfoot does to scare his prey or to attract a mate. They never really clarify the real meaning behind the knocks, which leaves most of us convinced that they do not know themselves.

Then there is the screaming at the top of their lungs to try to call up a Bigfoot. This of course has the opposite effect as it scares anything within a mile radius to flee in the opposite direction. Why this tactic isn't used by deer hunters is beyond me, because doing so would work wonders in attracting wildlife. At least that is what Moneymaker and Bobo would like us to believe. It is easy to imagine that if yelling attracted a Bigfoot, then the creature would at one time or another have made a guest appearance on Jersey Shore during its run. Of course I am being cynical but only because it's insulting that the creators of Finding Bigfoot would believe that those watching would believe this to be a credible tool in attracting anything.

On one episode they even went so far as putting up a projector in the middle of a swamp in Fouke, Arkansas with The Legend of Boggy Creek playing in high definition in the hopes of attracting the beast. Judging by the amount of time that they spent promoting the movie, one could reasonably believe that this was more of a marketing ploy to garner attention to the subject, than an actual idea of capturing the beast.

To those who truly believe that such a creature is really out there, should begin a petition to have this show immediately taken off the air. Because this show gives fodder to the skeptics and to those on the fence it makes them believe that Bigfoot is just one sad hoax. Bobo alone, appears as an overzealous buffoon, who is grasping at straws that just are not there. While his counterparts appear more interested in acquiring face time than actually following up on credible leads or actually trying to solve the riddle that is Bigfoot.

Without question, the show has potential as it does entertain but it fails at informing the public about the subject. It isn't going to silence the critics that believe Bigfoot is nothing but a myth and it isn't going to inspire anyone to spend their time searching for the elusive Sasquatch. The sad reality is, is that these Bigfoot investigators are selling out their own cause, as yes it entertains but at the cost of making anyone that believes in Bigfoot look like a fool chasing after imaginary creatures.


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    • Brett Hoover profile imageAUTHOR

      Brett Hoover 

      3 years ago from Livingston

      Could not agree more

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      Loved the review! I've never seen the show but it seems like it's like camping out in the ailses of Walmart hoping Bigfoot will show up.

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 

      3 years ago from The Garden State

      I'm one of the viewers who sees this show as comedy. I keep waiting for one of these guys to "break character" and reveal that the whole thing has been an elaborate performance art gag, ala Monty Python or the Kids in the Hall.


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