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Why "Fuller House" is a Guilty Pleasure for Many of Us

Updated on December 20, 2016

It's Wholesome Fun for the Whole Family... Just like the Original

"Fuller House" has really hit its stride in Season 2. Yes, some of the reviews are horrendous, but there were also many bad reviews of the original, "Full House". Season 1 of the Netflix reboot was pretty cheesy--maybe even cheesier than its predecessor. Yet, somehow, it's still a guilty pleasure for many of us. I think one of the main reasons why is that this show offers wholesome fun for the entire family. Yes, there are a few more "adult" jokes thrown in there, but for the most part, the humor is innocent and fun, and perfect for a mixed viewing audience of both adults and kids. There are just not enough sweet, wholesome, and endearing shows on television anymore, so watching "Fuller House" is like a breath of fresh air for families everywhere.

Its Nostalgia Brings Back Good Memories

The mid-80's were a good time for many of us. It was our childhood. Life was carefree and joyful. The world didn't seem as complicated and stressful as it is now. Back then, "Full House" was always there to remind us that, even though problems can arise, there's nothing that a pep talk with dad and a 30-second hug won't fix. OK, so many some of those things aren't necessarily true, and real-life conflicts don't always resolve in a 30-minute time span. But back then, we really believed they could. Watching "Fuller House" now and seeing our old friends Danny, Uncle Jesse, and Uncle Joey again (and we can't forget about "Aunt Becky"), is like going to a family reunion of our own. These are the characters we grew up with. They were fun, smart, kind, and lovable, and seeing them reunited just brings back such wonderful childhood memories. Granted, the current show centers more on the new "she-wolf-pack" of D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy. But even so, somehow the creators have managed to capture the essence of the original show again, and in so doing, have re-captured our hearts! Which brings me to my next point...

The New Show Stands on its Own

After watching Season 1, I honestly wasn't sure if this reboot would survive. It was good, but very corny... a little too corny. However, with Season 2, it seems that the actors have really settled into their roles, and the show doesn't feel nearly as forced as it did in the beginning. The "she-wolf-pack" of D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy, are entertaining, cool, and fun to watch. The character of Kimmy, especially, seems to have really blossomed. The friendship and bond between these ladies seems genuine, and just as real as the bond between Danny, Jesse and Joey. I, for one, am really getting excited and hopeful about a possible Season 3!


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