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Why I No Longer Watch The News

Updated on December 23, 2014

A Different Lens

We all see things through a different lens. This phrase holds true for many situations, especially when we speak about media corporations. Their lens however, is not the same lens that had originally sparked the idea of 'journalism'. This lens was a lens for the people, a lens that would see through the lies and deceit that had corrupted society. As time progressed, the greed of politicians and corporations grew substantially, and the lens was switched.

This new lens was a lens for the corrupt. This new lens shows only what the large corporations and officials want the public to see, as opposed to what should be shown. Now, when you begin to follow the money trail, things can get pretty dark and scary. I'll avoid climbing down the rabbit hole, however we must always be cognizant of the fact that there is in fact a very large rabbit hole.

Whether the reason for censorship is to protect financial interests, information control, or even population control, this is a serious issue. Whenever the news is on, I get a feeling or sense of being lied to, or at least not being told the whole truth.

Journalistic Authority

Prior to America's full fledged dive into capitalism, journalism was known as a very moral and esteemed profession. There was a specific bond that the media held with the public that is no longer as strong as it once was. There was a free flow of information being exchanged for anonymity, trust, and truth. Don't "We the People" have a right to know what is going on in our country as well as in the world around us, without having our information censored or filtered by corporations and or government intervention?

It seems times are changing, and it only seems to be getting faster. Technology continues to evolve at a rate that even law enforcement can't seem to keep up with. Forms of media such as the internet have become a tool for individuals to do their own research and form their own opinions on certain topics. This however has pressured Law Enforcement to pick up their pace by urging congress to add restrictions and or increase their jurisdiction in areas that many would deem unconstitutional.

I'm not going to get into the specific acts like CALEA, or The Patriot Act in order to detail where our rights are being stepped on, and or being pushed aside; you can do that research yourself. What I am going to try to do here is raise awareness as to how our Media no longer follows a journalistic code, and instead, the code of business corporations and government ties.

*note how much money is allocated towards 'data collection'
*note how much money is allocated towards 'data collection'

What to do?

While this may not be a feasible solution for some, I try to choose not to participate in any form of news media. If something needs serious attention, they're a number of tools at my disposal including but not limited to the internet, and even speaking / sharing information with other individuals.

We are entering the Age of Information and we should fully embrace it. Inform yourself and don't allow the media conglomerates to pick and choose how you see the world. This is your world and you are entitled to know what's actually going on.

*If you do find yourself interested in what's really going on, always look for the underlying relevant news that is being pushed aside by the mainstream propaganda (ex. bills or laws being passed, mergers, uprisings, etc.)

Media Conglomerates - Shown with Cups


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