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Why I Don’t Like Camping

Updated on May 31, 2020
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Tim is a freelance writer, poet, artist and storyteller. He always tries to find and include lessons for everyone in his writing.


Camping is not for everybody

Some people love to go camping, to slosh back into the woods and set up a tent,all to get in tune with nature, others like me not so much. It is not the of idea of camping I don't like it is the actual camping which gets to me, here is why.


Camping with the cub scouts

The first time I ever went camping was when my two sons were in cub scouts. Our troop went to a local state park and set up camp. We were camped at the bottom of a hill when a rainstorm passed through the area. By rainstorm I don't mean a small gentle rain. I am talking about the kind of rain with loud claps of thunder which rattle the earth followed by torrential downpours washing away even the most stout of heart camper. The camp ground resembled a small lake. We soon abandoned our campsite and headed into a cabin to wait out the storm.

Camping the second go round

My second troubled bout with camping also has a rain theme. My son and I decided to attend one of those three day outdoor concerts. Of course to to save money we decided to camp instead of staying at a local hotel, bad move in hindsight. At the end of the first day it started to rain and rain and rain. The rain continued into the second day. The tents we camped in were a damp mess.

The camp ground became a sea of mud among other things which means the public restrooms backed up and out..Darn septic tanks. The hill at the main stage was a huge mudslide. At least the damp weather didn't dampen the spirits because the concerts went on while the people stood in about six inches of mud at the bottom of a hill. Ah, sweet memories.

Ryan Chua
Ryan Chua | Source

Camping, as wet as it gets

There are some other less memorable camping experiences , like the time is was about thirty degrees and another time with an annoying raccoon but the last time I went camping was one to remember. Warning this story also has rain as it's central theme.

My family and some friends went to a local state park for what was to be nice weekend of socializing and getting away from the world. We should have checked the weather first. The first night went well that is until it started to rain came, then it went downhill from there. It seems the remnants of a tropical storm had moved into the area.

We tried to tough it out, but there is something to be said for laying in a tent, on an air mattress that is floating in water. After some time we packed it in and went home only to return the next day to reclaim all of our belongings which were water logged. It took a day in the sunshine to dry everything out.

Don't get me wrong all camping is not bad, give me a cabin in the woods or one of those homes on wheels and I'll be just fine.

© 2013 Timothy Whitt


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