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Why I love BMO

Updated on July 31, 2013
A BMO toy.
A BMO toy. | Source

BMO is a living robot/video game. It features in the animated television programme Adventure Time. BMO is voiced by Nicki Yang, who is of Korean decent, and therefore has a Korean accent. BMO resembles a large Game Boy in appearance and has an 8bit screen. BMO also comes with a controller that resembles that of an Atari 2600 controller. The creators were going for a retro look, even though Adventure Time is set a long time in the future and they are technologically advanced. BMO lives with Finn and Jake within the Tree Fort. BMO has a wide range of interests making it very entertaining to see a robot doing some of the stuff that BMO gets up too.

BMO is neither a boy nor girl but is sexless as it is a robot. However it does change depending on who it is talking to. For example when talking to Football it appears to be a boy. However when talking to other people it appears as if BMO is a girl which is shown most of the time as BMO is voiced by a female. Though some of the activities BMO is interested in would suggest that it is more masculine than it would appear.

BMO is a cool robot from the future that talks and eats and drinks. I think, BMO always seems to be at the dinner table with Jake and Finn and they give BMO its own plate of food. This is weird for a robot because they run on some form of electricity, though we never see BMO being charged or any sign of electricity in The Land of Ooo. Possibly BMO gains energy from the food it eats and drinks in a similar way a human does. This would make the inner workings of BMO rather complex and much more advanced than anything we have in the present day.

Maybe this is why BMO is very human like as it is basically a human inside a robots shell. This is seen in the show as it feels as if it is a human much of the time and strives to be real like Finn, who is a human. Of course, for a robot BMO is incredibly smart and portrays some emotions just as humans would do. BMO is one of the most high-tech pieces of equipment in Ooo and we do not know how Finn and Jake came about owning BMO. It is seen as a member of the family with Finn and Jake seeing BMO as equal to themselves.

The time period of Adventure Time is thought to be at least 1000 years in the future. They also have a mixture of old pieces of technology and some pieces that are not from our time such as holograms. The mix of technology comes from the Mushroom War which is featured in Adventure Time and the remains of what would be called present day technology is left and used by the inhabitants of Ooo. Though they have a mix of both old and new technology. BMO falls under the category of the new technology.

BMO is incredibly funny for a robot. It does comical stuff that it knows will annoy Finn and Jake, for exmaple when Jake is playing a game on BMO he asks it to turn down the volume. BMO replies in turning up the volume to the loudest setting and Jake proceeds in hitting it with a newspaper and says “go sit in the corner and think about your life” or something similar. This shows that they see BMO as an equal and treat it as a younger sibling. Of course it is also a household appliance for example when BMO’s alarm goes off saying that it is time for Finn’s bath BMO’s tells Finn it is bath time and requests that he gets naked. This is another example of how BMO diversifies as a character from human like to comical appliance.

BMO has an imaginary friend that it sees whenever BMO sees its own reflection. This shows that BMO is not as advanced as we think because it cannot understand what a reflection is. Or maybe BMO does this to keep itself company whilst Finn and Jake are out on adventures.

This friend is called Football. BMO shows Football a variety of things and in one episode shows Football that BMO stuff and says that it is a real human being. This is obviously how BMO would see itself as a human of some variety of strives to become more like Finn or Jake. BMO sees itself as a the dominant one amongst it and Football showing that BMO wants to have someone to look down upon as BMO is looked down upon by Finn and Jake as something that is not as “smart” or as “wise” as them.

BMO also features in its own episodes from time to time. The best one to date is “BMO Noire” which has a noire theme and is all in black and white. This episode is one of my favorites as it sees BMO as BMO and shows that once Finn and Jake leave it becomes a completely different character. BMO sees itself as a detective inspector and impersonates voices of various other animals that are seen as other characters in this story. The best part is where BMO goes up into the chicken coop and has previously put lipstick on the chicken to make her look like BMO’s love interest in this story. However once Finn and Jake return BMO becomes normal once again as if nothing had ever happened. Again this would show that BMO has to keep itself entertained whilst Finn and Jake are out on adventures. This is rather interesting as a games console looks to entertain itself when its primary function is to entertain others.

BMO can play video tapes as seen in a number of episodes. In one episode BMO is attempting to remove a video tape and poops it out as the slot is located on its lower back. The face that BMO makes is rather comical and this whole short moment is rather brilliant which almost shows how much of a human BMO is. The creators of Adventure Time have tried to personify BMO and they have succeeded in my personal opinion.

As a robot it BMO has a number of hobbies that are very human like in nature showing how advanced this little robot is. One of BMO’s many interests is football. It is seen that Finn has to go and pick BMO up from football practice and turns up afterwards very muddy. Also BMO spends a large amount of time skateboarding around the Tree Fort. BMO also has many other interests for exmaple BMO can be seen practising some form of martial arts. This is is seen when Finn goes looking for BMO and it drops down and says that it could have killed Finn had BMO wanted to, but of course it never would.

BMO loves both Finn and Jake and would do anything to protect them. Though BMO shows no preference to which one it prefers more. It is seen in one episode where BMO says that if anything happens to Finn he will avenge Finn in some way. BMO is also very friendly and has many friends including Marceline and Princess Bubblegum who both show they care for BMO in some way more than that of just a computer device.

BMO can do a variety of things for example it can play many 8-bit games on its operating system. It can also be used video tape player. Also BMO plays a variety of music for both Finn and Jake when they request it. BMO can also be seen to work as a phone from time to time.

BMO is a diverse robot which is a truly great character in a brilliant television show. I enjoy every appearance of BMO as it always provides a great number of laughs.


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