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Why Men Hate Edward Cullen - but would really love to be him

Updated on May 25, 2017

Edward Cullen the sparkling vampire, creation of the mind of Mormon mother Stephanie Mayer and as the T-shirts tell us the vampire who’s been "Raising the standard for prospective boyfriends since 1911" is causing disarray in households all across the globe, disgruntled guys are complaining about how much time their women are spending watching and reading the latest sagas of this beautiful but very fictional character.

When you consider 99.9 percent of Twilight fans are female then it starts to become very apparent why the guys are so hacked off. I, as a woman can speak from the heart and be honest about what it is we find so compelling about the character Edward because its not just teenage girls but women of rather more mature years (cough cough) that are fascinated by this impossibly good looking leading man.

I think ultimately all women want that fairy tale romance, that all encompassing, powerful love that you first experience when you’re 12 years old and you develop your first crush.  The boy you think is way out of your league but occasionally passes you by and gives you a crooked smile or a wink and you feel like your heart skips a beat.

Of course we all know as we grow older that isn’t love after all its a mixture of lust and infatuation .Those rather immature feelings are replaced by grown up love with respect and reliability and a whole host of other more important (but far less exciting..Or should I say shallow?)  attributes.

 So we find ourselves craving that rush of adrenaline we got from our first love/lust, and the fact we never quite get it means it remains a perfect fantasy in our minds.  (Yes, Bella does get Edward  ...But she doesn’t get him fully (sexually) until the 4th book. Ms Myers has us girls literally BEGGING by this point for his resolve to weaken and when it eventually does; well obviously it’s more than explosive it’s positively life changing!

With someone like Edward Cullen the excitement never ends, it never becomes 'normal' it’s always going to be a rush.

His deep rather edgy character coupled with the fact that Stephanie Myer decided to pick a rather stunning looking actor to play the role of Edward only serves to heighten the potential for obsession. Many fans have admitted they are Edward fans and not Robert Fans, Robert as good looking as he isn’t the fairy tale character they want.

So what’s the moral of the story guys? If you want women to fawn over you then should follow closely in Edwards’s footsteps. Try not to smile too often, Jacob has a beautiful smile which he uses often, but it’s only ever got him a poor second place though. You should try and remain as slim as possible; the half starved look is apparently quite attractive.

Lastly you should find a bazillion reasons why your relationship will not work and continually point them out to the girl you say you love thus breaking her heart on a more or less weekly basis. Of course you should remember you cannot give into your carnal lust no matter how much your needy rather beautiful girlfriend begs you too.

And this my friends is why men guys hate Edward Cullen , not because “Vampires don’t sparkle!” and all the lame excuses they throw at us for their utter contempt it’s as simple as they cannot compete with someone who possess that amount of sheer resolve. They should have worked out by now that it’s ok and it’s not their fault , Edward isn’t real , trying to compete with a fantasy is always going to make you the loser so give it up!

It’s quite hard to believe when you see it in black and white like this that is indeed what females want .I  guess we must all be secret masochists which is nothing short of embarrassing, but if Edward walked in the room now would I get up to leave?...hmmm...


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      the way stephnie potrays edward is really amazing!!!thats why people go crazy about him!

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      7 years ago

      I like your hubs but- I'd rather be me. I have so much going for me - being a short, old, Vietnam Veteran and all. I just can't give all this up!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I think women love Edward for the way he treats Bella. He protects her, truly loves her and it shows in his actions, and his only mission (unlike real live humans) is not trying to get in her pants !

      sighhh he even watches her sleep :) Every woman would want to be treated the way Edward treats Bella--he is so perfect that no man can ever be like him is the reason us girls are so crazy about Edward - at least we can experience him in our fantasies.

    • Xonica profile imageAUTHOR

      Tracy Trending 

      8 years ago from Scotland

      Was trying to edit the comment I left but cant , Im such a noob lol. Just to say on reflection , isnt fiction meant to be something that goes above and beyound reality , keeping in mind Vampires are mytholigical creatures whos to say that they dont have different 'kinds' within their own species..some that sparkle some that burn ..some that get my picture. Meyer is slated a lot for her distruction of the Vampire Mythos but honestly a myth isnt a fact its not set in stone and just because no ones chosen to break the mold ( up until now ) it dosnt mean it cant or shouldnt be.

    • Xonica profile imageAUTHOR

      Tracy Trending 

      8 years ago from Scotland

      lol...well I cant say I wasnt expecting this kind of reaction...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      More like because he's a spineless wimp and the exact opposite of what a real vampire should be.

      There's already a total spoiled brat vampire who's a hundred times deeper and more likable than Edward (Lestat)

      There's already lots of vampires who make better heroes (Blade)

      Hell, even Bill Compton is more interesting than Edward Cullen, because he's almost human.

      Basically if you took all the qualities that make a vampire and replaced them with a bunch of useless, spineless fluff, patterned your vampire after a non-existent Aryan superman (who you couldn't find for the movies, instead replacing him with a rather ordinary guy with brown hair and brown eyes, who looks more like Robert Smith from The Cure) you would get Edward Cullen.

      It isn't because he's sparkly or likable, it's because he has no depth whatsoever. You want to hit him just to see if he's even human.

      Any vampire in any other book could very easily kill Edward. Put him up against ANY of them. He'd last five minutes. The reason people want to see him die is not because of who he is as a male, but because of the fact that he's tarnished the entire vampire mythos. Disgusting, cheap. Not even slightly interesting or three dimensional. His entire character is a cheap prop.

      It's too bad Stephanie Mayer isn't creative enough to write a REAL vampire book.


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