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Does Nickelback Really Suck?

Updated on January 19, 2018
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Joey has been a metal fan for 12 years and is considered the greatest guitarist to have ever played a broken Rogue Starter in a dead tree.


Nickelback, despite all of the shit they get, are one of those bands I hold dear to my heart. Those early 2000's ballads give me such nostalgia. It feels amazing to hear 'Savin' Me' now.

I'll admit, I rode the Nickelback sucks wave too, but I can't lie, I never stopped liking them. Musically, I went off into heavier ventures, after Dark Horse, but I always admired how Chad Kroeger and company can keep pumping out albums despite non-stop negative critical and listener responses. They've always made the music they wanted, about what they wanted, the way they wanted. Whether that led to some of the best mid-2000s Nu Metal or uninspired, overdone pop-rock is entirely up to the listener.

Frontman Chad Kroeger is damn near always guesting on some other radio rock song. In fact, you don't get the Official Butt Rock Seal of Approval until you have Chad Kroeger featured on one of your songs. There was that shitty Theory of a Deadman song. Then there was Porn Star Dancing with Zakk Wylde, Ludacris, and a million strippers. And somewhere in there, he was on a Santana song. And somewhere along the line the guy married and divorced Avril Lavigne. I've got to admit, Chad Kroeger is enjoying the fuck out of his life, whether we approve of him or not.

Obviously, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Especially, Corey Taylor.
Obviously, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Especially, Corey Taylor. | Source

But, back onto topic, my first CD ever was All the Right Reasons. That's right, the album that opens with 'All the Wrong Reasons.' a song which is basically about how sex can carry a shit relationship. And singing it is basically why my second-grade teacher kicked me out of class for "being vulgar and disruptive." Good times.


When We Stand Together was dope, too. If it were Michael Jackson singing, we'd be like "Oh, shit Zombie Michael Jackson- wait that shit's inspiring as hell!" But it was Nickelback, so of course, it got shat on.

And then they come out this year with Feed the Machine. It's obviously a jab at current politics, like most entertainment these days.

The grunge sound had everyone, like, "Damn, when did Nickelback get so good?" And I thought to myself, "Bitch, they've always been this good." Which they have been.

Well, shit. They're not THAT good...
Well, shit. They're not THAT good... | Source

Photograph is still my shit, though.

© 2017 Joey Smith


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