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Why People Are So Crazy About Tik Tok?

Updated on April 22, 2020

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is virtually a Chinese video-sharing social networking service maintained by ByteDance, which a Beijing based company founded by its owner named Zhang Yiming. This application helps to make a brief dance, lip-sync, comedy and talent videos. This company was founded in 2012. But it had been launched outside China within the year 2017 for IOS and Android phones.

Top 3 Countries Where Tik Tok is Popular

119.3 million users
39.6 million users
28.4 million users

Some Interesting Statistics Regarding TikTok

  1. Tik tok has around 800 million active users to date. It makes this app 9th in terms of social networking sites.
  2. 150 million active users are from China, using the Chinese version app, called Douyin.
  3. Tik tok is the most downloaded app with 33 million downloads on the Apple app store.
  4. The users of this app are aged between 16 to 24 years. So, their target audience is basically youngsters.
  5. Most of its downloads come from India as it supports 15 different languages of India.
  6. Tik tok is available in155 countries, in 75 different languages which covers the substantial part of the population.

Slaves of technology

Reasons For The Popularity Of Tik Tok

Although Tik tok has become popular all over the world, it's most active users come from India. Some of the tik tok users whom I know when asked, "why they love tik tok" the answers they delivered were made me quite surprised as some of them I was not expecting.

According to my through knowledge, the reasons for the popularity of tik tok are as follows

1. People Want To Be Famous Instantly

Most of the time we see people posting funny or creative videos on tik tok, if it trends in social media you can be famous and can end up having many followers. Getting famous on tik tok is easy. Post regularly, to make you popular on social media.

2. Short Videos So Convenient To Watch

According to research, a youngster can barely keep attention for a long time and watching lengthy videos is not a good idea for them. Hence, Tik Tok method of video within 15 seconds is a great outcome.

3. Easy To Create Content

The creation of content and videos in Tik Tok is as simple as anything, it provides various filters and effects that you can use to make your video much promising. This makes this app on a higher side than it's competitors.

4. Great Platform To Showcase Talent

This app is a great way to showcase their hidden talent and that's without much energy. As the availability of multiple filters, it becomes easy to form a video and publish it, to be a star.

5. Mobile-Oriented App

As compared to YouTube, this app is entirely meant for mobile devices. Even if your phone is old or low powered still you can create, edit, publish and share your videos on the app easily and this is the most important feature, as in today's era smartphone has become a much-preferred thing for everyone.

6. The Celebrity Factor

This app is also been used by many celebrities around the globe. They challenge each other or give tasks to their subscribers to create a video on a specific topic. In this manner, they initiate several flash mobs and help to attract more users.

7. Generating Income

Although Tik Tok does not bestow any money to create videos but the users can easily build their fan following on other social media platforms like YouTube to earn money via this app. You have to become a brand to generate income and popularity.


Although Tik Tok has become the most popular app in a few years from now, but still there are many incidences that cannot be ignored. There have been 48 deaths and 23 injuries since October 19, 2018, performing various stunts, challenges, using weapons, vehicles and suicides. People perform these tasks to gain fame on the app. After such incidents, the " Tik Tok Death Tracker" site was developed to promote awareness among people of the society to assure users are being safe while posting and viewing content.

Some content is not been allowed to be uploaded if found inappropriate or against the terms and conditions. Making and publishing videos for fun and entertainment is legible but risking your life for attaining fame is not acceptable.

© 2020 Swati Khandelwal


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