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Why Do People Love Youtuber, The Tommy Edison Experience?

Updated on August 17, 2017

Blind And Online

Tommy Edison is a former radio host and a man who was born blind. On his channel, he mostly talks about his experiences growing up and living with blindness. He has a special charm to him, from the way he smiles and laughs to the candid way he speaks that has lots of people addicted to watching (and listening) to him.

Here are a list of reasons why people love him and his Youtube Channel, Tommy Edison XP.

1. His Positive Attitude

Whenever you see Tommy Edison anywhere, whether it's his appearance on the Howard Stern Show or his Youtube channel, he's always smiling and always laughing. He has a very bright and happy disposition. He's always making jokes whenever he talks about anything. He never feels sorry for himself and he's able to look at the positive side of any situation.

It would be okay if he felt sorry for himself, but the fact that he doesn't attracts a lot of people to him. They are curious about how he can be such a positive person when he's gone through so much.

2. His Sense Of Humor

Tommy Edison can make anything into a joke. He's known for making a lot of puns and here he is joking about mean comments people leave on his Youtube videos. He could be offended by a lot of these comments or angry about them, but he makes them into jokes instead, so we can all laugh about them.

3. His Unique Perspective On The World

Tommy Edison "sees" the world in a totally different way than we do, mostly because he can't see. His unique perspective on things because he was born blind can lead to very deep insights into society, our prejudices, and all the things we take for granted in the world.

To a blind person, race doesn't matter. Appearances mean very little to him. He forms opinions of people based on their voices and their actions.

There's a lot of things he will never experience or fully understand because he has been blind his entire life, but there's a lot of things he can teach all of us because of that fact as well.

4. The Interesting Things He Teaches About What It's Like To Be Blind

There's so many little things that you never really think about, even when you sit down and wonder what it must be like to be blind. Tommy Edison is more than willing to share his day-to-day life and how he functions on his own.

In this video, he shows you how he cooks even though he's blind. He also has videos about things like how a blind person can tell the denomination of the money they are holding in their hand, how they watch movies, how they find braille signs, and more.

He answers a lot of questions you might be curious about when it comes to what it's like being blind, questions that you might feel awkward asking a blind person directly.

5. The Way He Breaks Stereotypes

You wouldn't think a blind person could be a movie critic or could watch a lot of youtube videos, but Tommy Edison does and he has a lot of opinions to share. He never lets his blindness stop him from doing something. To him, it's really no big deal. He's never seen anything a day in his life, so he's used to experiencing the world this way and he doesn't want his blindness to get in the way of him doing a lot of different things. So he breaks stereotypes because he's not willing to listen to anyone who might tell him he can't do something just because he's blind.

6. His Openness And Honesty

Tommy Edison is willing to talk about anything. He's willing to answer embarrassing questions people have for him and tell stories about being a rebellious teenager. His candidness and honesty, his willingness to be vulnerable on the internet, attracts a lot of people to him. It can't be easy sharing such personal details about himself and his life online. It opens him up to a lot of possible hate, which is why a lot of youtubers prefer playing video games on their channel or reviewing products over sharing personal life stories, but he's unafraid of opening up to others anyway and that's why we all love him.

7. The Entertaining Games He Plays

It's always fun to watch Tommy Edison play guessing games, partly because it's amazing all the things he knows despite being blind. While he does experience a lot of the world through touch and hearing, there are things that touch and hearing can't teach you. Like, what the shape of a house or wild animal is because you can't get close enough to them to touch them or they're too big to understand through touch alone. Or how in the world is he able to guess the color of scented markers when he has no concept at all of what color is? He has videos of him drawing things, which is especially crazy since two-dimensions only make sense to people who have seen before. He experiences things only through three-dimensional touch, never two-dimensions.

So watching him play games like this and try to guess what things are is especially fascinating.

8. He's Willing To Answer The Craziest Questions

There is no question, no matter how awkward or embarrassing, that Tommy Edison isn't willing to answer. A lot of people ask him a lot of questions in the comments section of his videos and most of his videos are dedicated to answering these questions.

Those of us who are curious are fascinated by his answers.

Above, he's answering a question about whether or not there are magic tricks that blind people can experience, since magic is mostly a visual thing. Below, is a video, where he meets with a magician that actually lets him experience magic tricks that blind people can enjoy. I never thought about any of these things until I was watching his channel.

BONUS VIDEO: Magic For Blind People


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