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Why Star Wars?

Updated on January 11, 2016

My Star Wars Collection

These toys are only a small part of my ever growing Star Wars obsession.
These toys are only a small part of my ever growing Star Wars obsession.

Did You Know?

  • Star Wars has a holiday! It is May the 4th, as in May the 4th be with you!
  • Star Wars had three made for T.V. specials! The famed Holiday Special of Life Day and Chew Bacas family. The Ewok Adventure Caravan of Courage and the Battle of Endor.
  • There is no back-story for Yoda's character in the Star Wars universe. No information of his home world or his species.

I bought us all Star Wars the Force Awakens tickets and we all went together as a family to see the film.

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Long Ago in a Galaxy far far away...

What is it about Star Wars that captures the imagination of so many people? Why has a series of movies moved generations and created a horde of avid fanatical followers? Star Wars is a cinematic phenomenon that bridges cultural gaps and is known worldwide as one of the greatest series of films in history; but why? What is it about these movies, the stories and characters that keeps up coming back for more?

I remember seeing A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back with my family at a drive in theatre in the back of my parent’s station wagon as a very little boy. I have watched these films so many times I've lost count; they have become a part of my self-identity. I own them all accept The Force Awakens. I have hundreds of pieces of paraphernalia; cups, toys, books, and trinkets like Pez dispensers and key chains. I love my collection of merchandise, I'm sure Hasbro and a dozen other companies love my passion of everything Star Wars. I am sold on this franchise hook line and sinker.

I find myself dragging my children into this passion since I openly display my purchases for all to see like trophies. I watch the movies in front of them. They see me looking up videos and watching cartoons that all have to do with Star Wars. I've even named their hamsters after the main characters Ben, Han, Luke, Leia, Chewy, and Yoda. So like a child being dragged to his fathers church of Star Wars; they have been proxy programmed right along with me for the Star Wars banking clans. My daughter sleeps with a Darth Vadar stuffy. I have made this such a huge part of my personal adult life that everyone in my family has now become Star Wars fan-boys and girls. I have sold my family on this amazingly powerful commercial enterprise. So why Star Wars?

It touches on something shared by many, a shared experience that we have lived with our entire lives. A wanting for a story so good that we never want it to end. This is a generational fairy tale told on the silver screen making Star Wars a landmark piece of art we all feel we can be a part of. Star Wars and other iconic art pieces like it help us to feel like we have a kindred identity when we meet someone else that feels as deeply connected to the Star Wars universe as we do.

There is a Star Wars culture now that spans three generations. That in itself is amazing. Star Wars touches us in it's story for the feeling and want of something more. That feeling of being stuck like Luke in our mundane lives and then to have that reality suddenly upset; thrust into an adventure that will change the course of our slave like life so we will burst forth into a brilliant and exciting existence full of love, intrigue, adventure, and magic. I feel Star Wars and the stories are more than just a commercial franchise, I think the cannon of Star Wars reaches into our hearts and tugs the strings that connect us all as human beings and that want and desire for more.

When learning about Episode 7 The Force Awakens the internet was thrown into a frenzy. For over a year the public drooled over the tid-bits of information that leaked out onto the tendrils of the web. A grasping for a scrap of knowledge as to what was coming. In the beginning it was met with skeptics. But after the release of the second trailer everything changed. When Han Solo and Chew Baca showed up in the trailer saying "Chewy, we're home." people went insane. It was iconic and it blew like a nerdgasm all over the internet. The countdown had started and there was no stopping the ball. Disney had done it, Disney cornered a piece of culture that is spreading like a gospel through the experiences of Star Wars we share in our own personal lives.

Mr. Lucas, Mr. Abrams, I want to thank you for these amazing films and characters. Thank you to the actors and actresses who have worked on these films through all the episodes and stories and thank you to all those connected to Star Wars and this amazing culture we share, thank you my fellow Star Wars Fanatics. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU... always.

Please leave a comment below about how you feel about Star Wars.

All intellectual, artistic rights, and copyrighted material of the Star Wars franchise, films, and related products and stories reserved. This hubpage is in no way associated with Lucas Arts, Disney, ILM, ltd Fox Light Pictures, Kenner, Hasbro or any other commercial entitiy, This is a personal opinion piece.


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