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Why The Fast And The Furious is the worst rip-off Of All Time.

Updated on September 25, 2012
I bet Paul Walker stole that shirt from Keanu
I bet Paul Walker stole that shirt from Keanu

Bromances. Bromances Everywhere.

"I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else matters: not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their bullshit. For those ten seconds or less, I'm free."

Starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, The Fast and the Furious is a tale about Brian (Walker), an undercover police officer trying to infilrate the underground racing scene in order to catch a group of thieves, who have been robbing mack trucks on the move. After running his mouth at a street race, he races Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and loses his car. Brian gains Dom's respect, however, when he arrives in time to prevent Dom from being caught by police responding to the race. As they flee, Dom and Brian accidentally venture into southern California's "Little Saigon", encountering Dom's rival, Johnny Tran and his gang. Brian then joins Dominic's gang, and digs around for as much information as possible on Tran and his gang, who he believes are the thieves. He becomes close with the gang, and romantically involved with Dominic's sister, Mia. After gaining as little evidence as possible, Brian sends his cop buddies in on a raid to bust Tran!... Only to find out that he was innocent. After looking like an idiot, Brian realizes that his new friends were the thieves all along! He learns that truckers are now allowed to carry shotguns and that his friends are headed for certain doom! In efforts to save them, he reveals to Mia that he is a police officer! Though infuriated, she helps lead him to the truck and eventually save them. Brian follows Dominic back to the house before Tran's gang performs a driveby, killing on of Dominics gang. Brian and Dominic pursue and eventually kill Tran and his partner. Dominic wrecks his car and with the police moments away, Brian gives him his keys and lets him escape.Whats wrong with that? You might ask.

That seems like a good plot, right? Well it is. In fact... It was good the first time I watched it, in Point Break.
That's right. The plot for Fast and the Furious was stolen from Point Break.

The undercover cop? Not Paul Walker, Keanu Reeves. (Ironically, neither of their careers survived 1999)

The gang leader/Best friend? Not Vin Diesel, Patrick Swayze.
Street Racing? Surfing!
Don't believe me? Here's the plot of Point Break.
Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) is a FBI agent in the Bank Robbery Division of Los Angeles. L.A. happens to be home to the "ex-presidents", aka a group of guys who rob banks wearing masks that resemble presidents. Utah's partner, Paps (Gary Mother Effin Busey) has a theory that the Ex Presidents are surfers. So! Utah decides to go undercover as a surfer. Sound familiar yet? While attempting to teach himself to surf, he nearly drowns and is rescued by Tyler (insignificant actress, too lazy to IMDB). After begging, he convices her to teach him how to surf. Through that short montage, he is introduced to Bodhi (Patrick Swayze). After being recognized as an all american QB in college (Because Ohio State Quarterbacks join the FBI all the time...) he becomes friends with Bodhi's gang. Oh! and he and Tyler become a couple. See it yet? Hmm... While investigating a lead, Reeves is harrassed by four "nazi dudes" (including RHCP front man Anthony Kiedis). After Bodhi randomly appears to save him, Utah realizes that they MUST be the bank robbers. So he launches a raid. Now, using your knowledge of TF&TF, you can guess what happens now. The Nazi dudes? No the robbers, simply coke addicts. And while getting ready to surf, Utah realizes. Holy shit, my friends are the ex-presidents. So he follows Bodhi around until he leads him to they bank they plan to rob. After Utah and Papas completely blow watching the bank, they end up in a high speed chase with the Ex Presidents, in which his cover is blown, resulting in this epic scene of wonder. (

So obviously. The EX-P's now know he's a fed. That night, while sleeping together, I guess Tyler got bored and checked out his sock drawer, because she found out that Utah was an FBI agent and leaves him! To cut it short, The presidents kidnap tyler, force Reeves to rob a bank with them. Things go bad and they leave him to be arrested, he and Papas pursue them, and after awesome special effects, Papas dies, Bodhi gets away, and Utah saves Tyler. (Wow. Great Partner). There's a flash forward to a big storm that Bodhi mentioned earlier in the movie. Utah has Bodhi arrested... and he lets him go, knowing that Bodhi will die in the wave.

I'm sorry I rushed it at the end, but you get the point.Walker=Reeves. (Honestly? Both are terrible actors)


The similarities?
Cop goes undercover with group.
Cop&Criminal Bromance.
Cop falls in love with girl thats unavailable to criminal.
Cop suspects groups rival.Cop gets raid on rival.Raid turns up to be nothing.
Cop realizes his best friend is a thug.Cop participates in robbery.
Cop has oppurtunity to bust criminal.Cop lets criminal go.

Well Point Break came out ten years earlier, and Swayze owns Diesel.


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    • BeyondGS profile image

      BeyondGS 5 years ago from Ohio

      I honestly liked the Fast & the Furious better but you made some good points. I think you can make Avatar ripping off Fern Gully an argument being the worst too. Can't believe so many people liked that movie. Great job!

    • Ryan Daniel Smith profile image

      Ryan Smith 5 years ago

      Thanks man!! Appreciated

    • Thefilmguy24 profile image

      Thefilmguy24 5 years ago

      I never thought of that about F&F being the same as Point Break. Pretty interesting point of view. I do see the similarities between the two films. Even Walker had Reeves "Surfer" attitude as well which I think is a little funny. I liked how you broke down both films and showed the similarities down to the point that both protagonists lets the bad guy go because he has some respect for them. Great hub. Voted up.