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Why Vincent Cassel is the Coolest Actor.

Updated on September 11, 2014
Cassel. | Source

His Complexity on Screen

It is Vincent Cassel's diverse abilities, one being the already mentioned mastery of languages, that make him so competent as an actor. When Vincent Cassel approaches a job, he has at his disposal an arsenal of talents and experiences. Depending on the role, he will use particular characteristics of himself to either make the character more interesting, or to make the character more believable. In regards to the latter, his previous knowledge of ballet allowed him to fully embrace his role in Black Swan as the ballet instructor. By already having previous experience with ballet, he did not have to dedicate as much time to learning the nuances of the dance, and therefore had more time and energy to focus on other details of the role. Had Cassel or another actor approached the role without experience in ballet, perhaps, the portrayal of Thomas LeRoy would have been less profound, maybe not even profound at all.

It was Cassel's knowledge of the Brazilian martial art Capoeira that gave his portrayal of François Toulour in Ocean's Twelve a unique edge. Although including this ability in the character’s repertoire was not necessary, by adding it, Cassel’s portrayal of François Toulour was more convincing, and as a foe he was more formidable. Even the plot of Ocean’s Twelve depended on his knowledge of Capoeira at one point (this was most likely added after Cassel was casted into the role) when his knowledge of the martial art was used to demonstrate his abilities as a thief.

Hence, by possessing a diverse set of skills and abilities, Cassel is able to approach many roles with a fresh, yet experienced air. He is able to take what is given to him in a screenplay and transform it into something complex, believable, and subsequently moving.

His Command of Languages

One trait that American actors seldom possess is a command of another language apart from their native English tongue. This, of course, coincides with the rest of American culture, excepting the slow increase of Spanish speaking Americans. Nonetheless, with a lack of foreign language acquisition, or a prominence of it in the American culture, Vincent Cassel's command of multiple languages does impress. His command of French is unimpressionable, as it is his native tongue, though it is his continuance of such a fluency into Italian, English, and Brazilian Portuguese that incites amazement. For the average person, mastering that many foreign languages is difficult, generally because of a lack of exposure and lack of necessary use. Cassel, however, has the advantage of being married to the Italian wonder Monica Bellucci (more on such matters below), has the option to work in English speaking films, and has the affluence to indulge in his love of Brazil and Capoeira through traveling and the like.

His mastery of multiple languages represents more than just a high intellect, it represents an ability to connect with the hearts of people from different cultures. This is because he meets each individual at their level, presenting his art to them in their own language. Nelson Mandela once said, "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart." Indeed, this is true of Vincent Cassel's acting, which, though moving in a foreign language, goes to the heart in one's own language.

The Lady's Man ("Can I please touch your hair?")


A Moment with Vincent Cassel.

Cassel's Prominent English Language Films

Release Date
Black Swan
Thomas Leroy
Ocean's Twelve
François Toulour

His Marriage to Monica Bellucci

In attributing such a title as the "coolest actor" one must not neglect to convey all magnificent attributes. His marriage to Monica Bellucci (they have since separated) is a profound contributing factor to the afforementioned title. However, In order to understand the magnitude of this contributing factor, one must first come to know the wonderful Monica Bellucci.

Monica Bellucci, who is, as seen below, a visually stunning Italian actress, has worked in the Italian film industry for years. Like Cassel, she shows an experience with multiple languages, including her native Italian, and also French, and English. Although originally an actress solely of the Italian cinema, she has since done films in French, i.e. L'appartement, and English, i.e. The Matrix Reloaded. Like Cassel, she is very famous in her country of origin; she is loved by many Italians, not excluding, of course, the men.

Cassel's marriage to such a wonder automatically makes him an interesting person, even if he had nothing else going for him. In my opinion they are (were) one of the best celebrity couples out there. It is unfortunate, indeed, that they have split up, especially because they have two children. Nonetheless, in regards to our current evaluation of Cassel's title, his marriage to Bellucci is one for the books.

La donna bellissima.


Cassel's Prominent French Language Films

Release Date
La belle et la bête
La Bête / Le Prince
Mesrine: Public Enemy #1
Jacques Mesrine
Nov 2008
Mesrine: Killer Instinct
Jacques Mesrine
Oct 2008
Max Mayer
La Haine

La Belle et La Bête.

Other Distinctions

There are also small, less profound aspects of Cassel worth mentioning. His confidence is one, not because it is exceptional in itself but because it enables those unique aspects previously mentioned. By being confident he is able to express himself on and off film in a way that is true to his nature; his abilities are not impeded by something as trivial as being insecure.

Another small aspect worth mentioning is his sense of style. It is a common occurrence to see Cassel in his films dressed to the nines. For instance, in Ocean's Twelve his character is often dressed in expensive suits or other extraordinary attire. This is also the case in Black Swan, when, as the ballet instructor, he showcases a fairly exceptional wardrobe.

In conclusion, the details mentioned within this hubpage are the tangible reasons for Cassel's distinction as the coolest actor; however, these reasons are not the complete picture. As with many things in life there are some pieces of a subject that cannot be fully comprehended, despite our best efforts, there are still some things that elude our conscious understanding.


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