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Why Was Losers Not Winners?: A Look and Review Into Losers.

Updated on July 28, 2018

The Losers

3 stars for The Losers

Why Did I Love Losers?

In 2010 Marvel was taking off with superhero blockbusters one after another. Then DC came firing back with their rag-tag, a-team, -esque action film. When i watched this for the first time I fell in love with it. I was 21 when I saw this and literally told my friend "this is going to be a hit." They had this great buddy quality, with characters that were over the top, but incredibly likable. From Pooch (played by Columbus Short) who can seem to drive anything as long as he has his Chihuahua bobble-head. To goofball Jenson, who is the tech guy (played by Chris Evans). There is Cougar (Oscar Jaenada) who is an expert marksman and never speaks. Roque (Idris Elba) who is second in command and the main muscle that dabbles in cutlery skills. Then finally the charismatic leader Clay (Jeffery Dean Morgan). Now they are over the top but people forget this is based off a comic book and shares super hero qualities. Their powers may not be as grandiose as saying Superman or Wolverine, but they still inhabit that type of reality. The plot is good not anything revolutionary, but it gets the job done. It starts out they are in Bolivia on a routine mission where they are suppose to set the target for a drug lord to get bombed. Clay and his team realize there is children present, they try to call it off. A mysterious voice named Max double crosses them. They save the children by putting them in a helicopter that gets hit with a missile that was attended for them. Clay's team takes the blame and are all announced dead. This is your average betrayed team want revenge.

"Losers... It's Time"

This is where I think the movie really thrives the plot is basic, but the performances by the team are excellent. Jeffrey Dean Morgan does a great job at being charming yet keeping his toughness and his overall hurt after being betrayed. Clay has his identity stripped from him no longer a colonel or a soldier. It is this obsession with the voice of Max that leads him down a selfish path. Idris Elba does a great job of adding a menacing but likable quality to Roque. When you start the film you like him, but a little scared at the same time, with wielding knives the crocodile hunter would envy. Roque has a selfish goal too, he just wants to get back home and they build the tension well. My favorite scene is when Roque says "your losing the team" and Clay says "their fine" then Roque replies "well your losing me." This is a crucial point you see where these two split and they start to work to achieve different goals. We see a great performance from the future Captain America Chris Evans, who carries most of the comedy on his back. They meet Aisha (Zoe Saldana) that gets the ball rolling for the losers to get their revenge. Aisha and Clay hold a fatal and deadly attraction which you never know if they are going to kiss or punch. When the Losers are interacting with each other creates the charm of the movie.

The Villain

If I had any qualms about this movie it would be the villain Max (Jason Patric). He doesn't come off as an evil genius or a madman, he is just unlikable and annoying. Wade (Holt McCallany) Max's second hand man seems way more interesting as a villain. The problem for me is Max is so distant from Clay and his team, never seems to be worried or cares that much. Now that being said, this is not a deal breaker it works for me.

The Result.

That was a very brief and limited overview, I don't want to give away any spoilers due to the fact I love this movie. The action is great the style of the film is sleek and fast. The acting is great, the plot is decent, and actually quite dark. This is a group you can get behind and have some laughs on the way. Is Losers the most but it does it's job and a fun and efficient way. I love it because it takes a team and abandons them in the dark, but through loyalty they take their lives back, save the day, and make in time for soccer.

So Why Did Losers Lose?

Well, not sure, there sure were worst superhero movies out in 2010, looking at you Defendor. Was it overshadowed by the release of Iron Man 2 and marvel was drop kicking everyone else out of the box office. People maybe didn't enjoy the charm like I did and thought it was over the top with no substance. Even after all these years I still hold this movie as a solid action comedy that makes me want to put a Chihuahua bobble-head on the dash of my minivan. If liking this movie makes you a loser then I don't want to be a winner.


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