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Why You Should Attend a Photography Seminar

Updated on April 25, 2016
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I enjoy photography and have been doing so professionally and independently for over 30 years. | Source | Source

When you first picked up a camera and started taking pictures of whatever presented itself to you or whatever you thought of in your mind. It may have never occurred either that there are always more ways than one to do something. It probably never occurred to you at the time also that there are others who are doing the same thing that you are and have been doing so for more time than you.

Most photographers rarely attend a photo seminar but the truth is that most professionals seldom miss one, especially when it deals with a topic of their interest. i.e nature, landscapes, portraits, boudoir and so on.

There is a lot that you can learn and experience from a seminar and the opportunity of attending one should not be missed.

Anything from making new connections, networking, learning new techniques and seeing things the way others see it is an opportunity that can only help you become a better photobug. | Source | Source

If you did not major in art or have participated in art classes, this is a great way of learning how artists and those with more artistic exposure see their art and do things in order to improve their skills. Overall it is a great experience and offers you a window into an artist's world.

Even if you did participate in art classes while in college, this is a good refresher opportunity. Kind of a reminder of why you love art.

You also need a boost to your creativity once in a while and these seminars can offer just that by letting you see how others do their stuff.

Don't forget that you are bound to see different perspectives of shots or scenes that become commonplace and by attending you begin to formulate plans to capture images of popular subjects from a new perspective.

One of the better experiences that you can take out of a seminar is to realize that you are now better prepared to add your own perspective and creative touch. Something that will make your images your own and ways of adding your personal touch. | Source | Source

If you find yourself doing photography that seems more like a documentary (as most photography is) you can now get to try to make it more of an art form instead of just simply telling a story. It can lead you to re-define how you see your work as well as how others see it too.

This is great because most photos that are considered great ones do tell a story. But if you can also make them artistic show pieces then you have achieved two potent ways of gathering views and attracting interest in your work.

Seminars can also let you see that you are stuck in a rut or have become so accustomed to capturing images the same way. A seminar can allow you the chance of breaking your barriers and let your creativity and personal touch shine through.

Another important benefit of a seminar is that it lets you see a purpose for taking pictures. In other words you begin to ask yourself what it is that you want to accomplish and what it is that you want to let others see in you work.

Would you be attending a photography seminar if one is available near you?

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By attending an art/photography seminar or as many as you can, you experience and see your work using art and photography as a reference point.

You explore avenues that help you keep inspired, they allow you to foster a personal style and you can judge your work against that of others from all sorts of experience levels.

Once you start to grow you can also learn new ways of translating images into conceptual art and how to use the digital tools that are available to anyone to transform everyday images into works of art. | Source

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