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Why All Martin Scorsese Movies Are the Same

Updated on August 18, 2017
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His Many films Directed

Martin Scorsese is one of my favorite director of all time. He's up there with the greats like Quentin Tarantino and Steven Spielberg. Whenever Martin Scorsese makes a film it blows the critics away and is always a huge hit. After watching every Martin Scorsese film, then watching it again with friends, then one more time alone I see some huge comparisons between every film. Same actors, same plot, same music and a lot of voice overs. When you read this article don't think of him as a bad director think of him as the greatest. Only Martin Scorsese can make the same films, but have us still care for the characters.

Pick the right Actor

When Martin Scorsese makes a new film he uses the same actors. Just how Quentin Tarantino always has Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz, Harvey Keitel and Tim Roth in almost all of his movies. Martin Scorsese has a group of actors that he loves in his movies. First off Martin Scorsese has one of the greatest actors in the world in almost every movie, and his name is Robert De Niro. Robert De Niro played Johnny Boy in Mean Street then he played Travis Bickle in taxi driver. Then he acted in Raging Bull and Goodfellas then after that Cape Fear then he acted in Casino. Robert De Niro is Martin Scorsese's Ace or number one pick for a movie. Martin Scorsese's second hand man is the wonderful and amazingly talented Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio has been in so many of Martin Scorsese's films you'd think they were brothers. Leonardo DiCaprio has been in The Wolf Of Wall Street and The Departed and then in Shutter Island after that he was in Aviator and in Gangs of New York. Then you have Martin Scorsese's wild card how is the funniest guy with a short temper Joe Pesci. Joe Pesci has been in Goodfellas playing Tommy Devito. Joe Pesci has also been in Casino and Raging Bull. After you have the characters you want you're going to need a plot.

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in "Casino"
Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in "Casino"

Reuse Plots

Martin Scorsese loves to adapt stories that happened in real life. Almost every film is either from a film or its a real story. Other directors may write a new plot then add dialogue and have to develop new characters. Unlike Martin scorsese who interviews people who might help make the movie he's making more realist. Here are some examples of movies he took from real life or from books. The movie The Wolf Of Wall Street is actually the story of a real man named Jordan Belfort and how he owns his own firm and make a huge fortune. Goodfellas is based on real events that happened to Nicholas Pileggi which also had a book adaptation called Wise guy. The movie the Departed was based off a book called Infernal Affair. Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear was inspired by a book called Cape Fear. Also Casino was based off an othe book by Nicholas Pileggi called Casino. Aviator was based off a real person called Howard Hughes and his adventures. After you have the plot and characters you need a personality for those characters.

Jordan Belfort's autobiography
Jordan Belfort's autobiography

Use the same Protagonist

Every Martin Scorsese film has the same characters and personalities. Just how every Quentin Tarantino character is extremely violent and loves to curse. Every Martin Scorsese character has almost the exact same cliches. First and foremost every protagonist should have a substance abuse problem. Weather it is cocaine, crack, Alcohol or nicotine it should be in every shot of the movie. Now if your protagonist is a male then he should be of Irish or Italian descent. Also your main character has to have a short fuse and be ready to go off like a firecracker. Your main character should also be religious, but be dealing in some illegal activities.Then add a lot of blood and bodies.


Once you have followed all these steps you should have an academy award winning film. You will be up there with the greats, and if you haven't seen any Martin Scorsese films I really hope you find the time to do so.

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© 2017 Dima Dudko


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