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Why facebook can control your life

Updated on December 29, 2010

The addiction

 Facebook has become such a household name that many people forget what it was intened for. Its original purpose was to keep friends and family close. it has done that but now with many complications.

When you log in to facebook the first thing u see is all the status updates of those you are friends with. but many of us have become so addicted to what someone else is doin with their life that we neglect our own. it is as if we are followin some major celebrity and what they do and what they wear and where they go.

then there is the other addiction on facebook. the games. many stay home mothers and fathers have become so indulged in the game that facebook has offered that many now are living their lives to play these games. they are extermely addictive to someone who has not formed a hobby or needs something to do in their own life.

these games and following what others are doing are just the tip of the iceberg for the many problems that facebook offers.

The biggest problem that comes with having a facebook account is that the people of whom you become friends with and or the people who look for you.

In many cases ex girlfriends and ex boy friends wanna become friends with you. there is nutin wrong with this unless it becomes a problem and you allow it.

Those people who make it a problem are commonly refered to as home wreckers. they want what someone else has and will not stop until they get it. but beware of the ones that do it just to do and make your life miserable. Too many good honest people (men and women) have fallen vitum to these. relationships ruined, marriages ruined, and even friendships and family ties gone. all because someone wants to use facebook as a blog or a way to get back at someone.

so I strongly advise all of you to be careful on what u do and how u do it on facebook. Dont become another statistic.


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    • Winkster78 profile image

      Winkster78 7 years ago

      please remember to vote up! its above the comments. id really appreciate it ty

    • optimus grimlock profile image

      optimus grimlock 7 years ago

      It does all those games are addicting! you just have to be mentally strong, eventually you'll resist it!!!