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Why was Casey Anthony Found "Not Guilty"

Updated on July 14, 2011

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty
Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty

It has been a few days now since the "not guilty" verdict came crashing down across America for one Casey Anthony. This verdict has a lot of people upset nationwide. Some people think that since lawyers must go to college to become a lawyer, so should jurors for murder trials. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter at hand. So I feel as though I should share my view of the verdict.

I "predicted" the verdict to my wife and friends at the beginning of the trial. What do I think happened? Well for starters, I said she was going to be found "not guilty" because she was being charged for murder in the first degree. To be charged with this charge, I think one must have intent to kill. Whether or not she had intent, she never expressed the intent to kill to anyone or even showed signs of intent. She didn't tell her parents or friends that she wish she never had a child and she didn't abuse the child in any way in front of individuals. Therefore, I believe she had no intent to kill her child.

Other charges that were brought up were aggravated man slaughter and aggravated child abuse. Again, both of these would require an intent to kill. I honestly think that she had accidentally killed her child. Should've she been charged for the death of the kid. I believe so. I think she should have been charged for accidental death and involuntary child abuse. She wouldn't have served life or even get the death penalty for these charges. She still may have been released at the same time.

I know America families are outraged of the outcome but the judicial system did it's job. They found 12 qualified juror members and contested the case in a U.S. court. Yes, the outcome was very surprising but the last time I checked, the justice system believes that you are innocent of ANY crime until you are proven guilty. And without the 100% cause of death, you cannot prove whether it was aggravated or accidental. However, we can all agree that she is guilty in some way or form for the death of her child.


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