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Wild Horses-A Movie Review

Updated on January 24, 2016
Theatrical release poster
Theatrical release poster | Source

Wild Horses-A Movie Review by Diana Pierce

This R rated film was released in June of 2015. Starring Robert Duvall, he also co- writes the storyline with Michael Shell and Duvall directs the film as well.

Duvall’s character, Scott Briggs is that of a well-to-do horse rancher who has three sons. The story begins with him catching his younger son, Ben (James Franco) in the barn making love to an unknown party. He breaks them up in a harsh matter. Only a glimpse here and there of his son’s face is shown in the opening scene leaving room for many unanswered questions.

Flash forward fifteen years and questions arise as an old case file of a missing young man has been reopened. A female Texas Ranger, Samantha Payne (Luciana Pedraza Duvall, Robert’s wife) investigates. Briggs becomes very nervous and persuades a certain crooked deputy sheriff Rogers, (Jim Parrack) to do something about her. Attempts fail at neutralizing this Texas Ranger and instead she breaks up a drug ring and catches the deputy off guard as he plays leader to the thugs.

Wild Horses Official Trailer

Ben Briggs confesses that he is gay and that being the reason he had been away for a number of years had the Texas Ranger wondering if Scott Briggs was involved in the disappearance of the young man she was looking for. She’s thinking this very well could be a hate crime.

As the truth comes out in the end it is clearly nothing like we are lead to believe may have happened. This story uncovers other secrets the wealthy rancher kept hushed from his family, too. The young Mexican girl he treated as family and gave a home to after her mother’s death really was his biological daughter. It was not only a surprise to her, but also a surprise to her new found brothers.

Horses, outlaws and modern day cowboys make for an action packed adventure movie with a twist to remind us we are not in the old west. The misleading title may have you think they are breaking wild horses, but the horses seen here are obviously far from wild. It is not clear how they came up with such a title.

Although this movie was far from what I was expecting from its introductions, I was entertained and that’s what makes for a good show of any kind, entertainment.


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