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William Mapother

Updated on November 16, 2009

Mapother Starting Up with Cruise

Mapother is tagged as a character actor who has done support roles in Minority Report, Vanilla Sky, Mission Impossible II, Magnolia, Born on the Fourth of July.  Wait, movies listed seems to have a common denominator? Tom Cruise. It so happen that they are first degree cousins, Cruise and Mapother’s fathers are brothers. 

Being linked with the success of his cousin, Mapother remains optimistic and confident about himself. “I figured that if I did good work, I'd be seen for what I am."  And he is right.
Mapother was born April 17, 1965 at Louisville, Kentucky and was a school teacher at East Los Angeles before he began his career in showbiz. He enjoys playing piano and guitar. Before being an actor, he worked as an assistant to Cruise and eventually started appearing on his movies. He has then successfully penetrated the television industry and had guest roles in CSI, Line of Fire, Touch by an Angel, The Inside, Crossing Jordan. But Mapother has become utterly famous in his villainous role as Ethan Rom in Lost, an American TV series.

Scene from Mission Impossible 2
Scene from Mission Impossible 2

He has done dark, foreboding roles and is good at it. His other movies include Swordfish, The Burrowers, In The Bedroom, The Grudge, The Zodiac and World Trade Center. He will soon be seen in a horror-drama Hurt and action movie Warrior.

Scene from The Grudge
Scene from The Grudge

Other Man

William Mapother is Dr. Ethan Rom in the award winning and serial drama television series Lost. Ethan Rome is an anagram for “Other Man”. Although the doctor villain was gunned in the first season and he just appeared in ten episodes, six of which are flashbacks, Ethan Rom became the favorite (and feared) character. Arguments even lured the fans into a discussion perceiving him as either evil or not.

But from his point of view, Mapother did not see Rom as evil; he says that Rom has just his reasons for acting the way he did. And despite of the eerie task he was meant to do, Mapother had fun portraying as the creepy doctor.

It was a sudden fame for Mapother for a fact that he did not even auditioned for the role. He was picked by the executive of the series who had seen his movie The Bedroom. Before that, Mapother had been busy doing support in several movies but his character in Lost has elevated his career to a better path.

Now, he is not just a cousin of Tom Cruise, he was Ethan Rome. A remarkable character millions of people remembers. Yet he is another man apart from all these and he will do more roles worth remembering.

Lost: Ethan Rome's Storyline


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