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Wilson Found as Irma Recovery Efforts Continue

Updated on September 15, 2017

In the latest turn of events down in Key West, FL., in what some rescue workers are calling nothing short of "miraculous", a small Wilson Volleyball was found underneath a submerged fishing vessel.

As it turns out, that volleyball wasn't just any volleyball, it was actually Wilson, from one of those Tom Hanks movies from long ago. When asked if he was happy to be returning home, Wilson's response was "Its about bloody time".

After several hours of detention with various government agencies including DHS, ICE, and the FBI, I was able to land a brief interview with Wilson, before he heads out to Texas to "search for the artist that signed her work with winged feet". Here's what he had to say.

Wilson --- "It's about f'n time"

Author --- "Yes, some of the rescue workers said you've said that more than just a few times"

Wilson --- "Bloody Right, that's last time I work for Robert Zemeckis that's for damn sure. Wanted to make the scene Real he says, we'll be right back for ya he says. .....Bullocks! He won't be laughing when my attorney rings him mate".

Let me ask you a question, it's been so long, do you even remember the name of the movie I starred in?"

Author -- "Um, yes, of course, 'The Green Mile', not a bad movie, but if you ask me the books were way better.

Wilson --- "CHRIST! That's it! I'm the F outta Here, ya bloody wankers, the lot of ya!

Wilson stormed out of the room with his entourage,visibly upset and shaken, most likely exhausted after being lost at sea after all of those years from that movie with what's his name.

Will we see Wilson again? Time will tell, most sports gear has a short life span in Hollywood, but this author is optimistic, Wilson has a few stories to tell I believe.

The most interesting volleyball in the world? We shall see.


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