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Windsor Castle: A Royal Year Lesson Plan

Updated on February 5, 2008

Basic Outline of the Movie Windsor Castle: A Royal Year

Windsor Castle: A Royal Year is a series of three episodes that are each about an hour long. It is a great series for showing a little about the modern working castle and goes well with a class on modern British history. It does a wonderful job of featuring the different everyday workers of the castle and their jobs while still bringing in the Royal events featuring the Royal family.

Part 1: The Banquet is about preparing for a banquet with the main guest being the President of France. It features the hustle and bustle of preparing for the Queen and her guest's arrival including some challenges and even the bringing in of a major theatrical production.

Part 2: Four Seasons is a brief look at the anchor events of the Royal Year including Easter, Garter Day, horse races at Royal Ascot, and Christmas. It is an interesting behind the scenes look at the different annual events.

Part 3: The Ranger is mostly about the grounds and the preserving of the castle for the next generation. It includes showing the farms, as well as the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla.

Questions for Students to Answer as They Watch

Part 1: The Banquet

What do the windows in the chapel commemorate? The fire of 1992

How far in advance do they start planning a state occasion? 6 months

What do fendersmiths normally do? Take care of the fireplaces

What stage production are they preparing for? Les Miserables

What country is the guest of honor from? France

Part 2: Four Seasons

When does the Windsor Royal Year Cycle begin? Easter

What is this time of year called? Easter Court

Who names the horses? The Queen

What is the second event shown of the Windsor Royal Cycle? Garter Day

What is the maximum number of Garter Knights that there can be at one time? 24

How many different ways are the household staff trained to fold napkins? 6

What is the third event shown? Horse Races at Royal Ascot

What wins in the Royal Hat bet? White

Who was the longest living member of the Royal family? Princess Alice of Gloucester

Part 3: The Ranger

The castle depends on ______ to maintain its art. (visitors/tourists)

Why is the horse show being moved to a new site? The show is getting to big for old site

What does mean that St. George’s is a Royal Peculiar? Not within a Church of England Diocese, only one boss, the Queen

What kind of farm is the Prince Consort’s Farm? Dairy

What was the old airfield turned into? Polo playing field called Smith’s Lawn

What does the ranger believe every ranger’s main duty is? To be a custodian of Windsor for the future

What wedding is shown in this part? Prince of Wales, Charles, marriage to Camilla


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    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 9 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      What a marvelous hub! I have "Royal Year" and have watched it several times, but perhaps due to my own English blood, it never occurred that anyone who saw it wouldn't already know the answers to your questions. Bravo! Good job!