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The Wicked Witches of Celebrity Apprentice are Gone!!

Updated on July 5, 2011

Finally – the Wicked Witches of the 11th season of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice have been knocked off during the special three-hour airing. By Wicked Witches, I mean NeNe Leakes and Star Jones if you haven’t guessed already. Both women were stubborn, manipulative, outspoken, and basically jumped all over the weaker members of the group – and of course such attitudes lead to their feud against each other. Last night’s episode was a first, NeneLeakes quit the show (so of course she was fired), Star Jones was fired (finally), and La Toya Jackson was fired – for the second time.

Donald Trump asked NeNe and Star if their feud could be resolved. NeNe stated that she was willing to discuss the issue with Star, but Star advised Donald that there was no way she can resolve the feud. Therefore, Donald swapped NeNe out for Meatloaf to keep the peace. But NeNe didn’t like the idea at all. NeNe told TMZ that “Trump was doing this to accommodate Star and not me.” So, rather than stay and try to win money for her charity (which is what this is all about right?) she leaves for he hotel and tells Backbone nothing. Backbone wasn’t told anything until some hours later, after unanswered calls to NeNE – she texted La Toya that she was leaving. Immature? Yes. Could she have handled that much better? Yes. Because you don’t get your way, that means you forget your priorities? Apparently that’s the case for NeNe. And what’s so ironic, the person that infuriated her so much to make her leave – got eliminated anyway! Summed up nicely by Donald, “To you, NeNe, I say, you're fired. And you’re a quitter. And Star Jones kicked your ass whether you like it or not."

La Toya Jackson was brought back to the show, just to lose as project manager that night, and get fired again. The first in Celebrity Apprentice history – two get fired twice. “You set one other record,” says Donald, “You’re the only one to ever be fired twice. La Toya, you’re fired.”

And then the following night there is Star, who basically tried to save her butt in the board room by lying about having nothing to do with the product not being shown in the ad. Anyone who watched the show can easily remember Star fussing about having the company’s web address at the end of the ad rather than a picture of the product. But Meatloaf stayed on her, and got his point across to Donald that Star was in charge of branding and therefore was responsible for the product placement in the ad. Star then got upset about being called “sweetie” while debating with Meatloaf when Donald sent them into the lobby. Really, getting upset about being called sweetie? Star, you have been called worse names than that during ‘debates’ – ask Nene. “The branding was not exactly what On Star liked” says Donald, “They thought you totally missed the mark. You were in charge of branding. Star you’re fired.”

But then again, what was the point of having Star around if not to argue with Nene?? Predictions for next week: Lil Jon gets fired because John Rich always raised the most money. Meatloaf gets fired since he’s not as organized and is way more emotional than Marlee Matlin. Overall winner: John Rich. What are your predictions and/or comments about the show?


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