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Wiz Khalifa Kush & OJ Mixtape Review

Updated on July 23, 2012 Says

For the most part, he raps about only three things: Weed, girls, and smoking weed with girls (usually your girl). 

Never Been Video

Wiz Khalifia

Pittsburgh repping rapper best known for his smash hit single Black and Yellow; Wiz Khalifa has turned the minor success of his first album Show and Prove into a full fledged movement i.e. Taylor Gang. Through hard work, numerous mixtapes released, and a carefully crafted image; Khalifia has become rap's next big thing. His latest studio album sold a whopping 200,000 units in the first week alone!

Music laced with the themes of women, weed, and cash is nothing new in a genre often criticized for it's subject matter. But Khalifia brings forth a new approach, he isn't trying to be a gangster. Khalifia is just a young man who likes to relax and live life. Oh and did I mention likes to hit the bong like Miley Cyrus on prom night? While success was years in the making for Wiz, Kush & OJ is what made him an overnight sensation.

Making a Statement

I just let it boost my confidence, roll another joint, drop pilot sh**, O-K.
I just let it boost my confidence, roll another joint, drop pilot sh**, O-K.
Drop the nerd you with,come smoke a joint with he who's winnin. Ain't like them guys who wine and dine to keep they women My b****** only want two things, that's to get high and kick it
Drop the nerd you with,come smoke a joint with he who's winnin. Ain't like them guys who wine and dine to keep they women My b****** only want two things, that's to get high and kick it | Source

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Kush & OJ

Wiz Khalifa, your favorite stoner rapper brings forth his trademark flow floating high above hand selected instrumentals that keep listeners begging for more. Kush & OJ is a mixtape you grab your girls and get high to while sipping mimosas pool side in your boat shoes. Khalifa is not a stellar lyricist yet his lyrics have teenage girls Mezmorized. The beauty of this mixtape is it's simplicity and identity. Khalifa has corner the market on weed with this project unlike fellow weed rappers before him. One of the main reasons being Wiz has maintained dope flows while producing songs that have incredibly catchy choruses. Therefore opening the door to a larger audience of listeners that your favorite underground rapper lacks.

Kush & OJ is for the those that like to party and have a good time. Khalifa is not trying to wow his audience with metaphors and multiple syllable rhymes. He is trying to make music you can smoke marijuana too or just vibe with. This mixtapes strengths lie in Wiz's ability to deliver his words in a way like no other while making songs that scream Taylor Gang. Wiz Khalifa may not be the best rapper alive, but he's guaranteed to convince you he is the best rapper to invite to your party, roll a lane, and take a flight for the night.


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