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Wizards of Waverly Place “Retest” Episode

Updated on August 22, 2009

Review of “Retest” Episode of Wizards of Waverly Place

The episode begins with the Russo children having a wizard lesson and their uncle Kelvo popping. He tells Jerry that they have to take a retest along with their sister Megan. If she is not there to take the retest, then the whole family loses their wizard powers including the Russo kids. Justin finds out their aunt lives in Paris and the three of them go to see her.

Megan finds the three of them to be like her and her brothers. She does not want to come back to do the retest. Alex wings it and convinces her aunt to come because she says her dad and uncle will apologize. Jerry is not ready to apologize and instead Jerry and Megan end up with a confrontation because he does not want to apologize. Megan is still mad that Jerry did not give his powers to Megan and instead gave them to Kelvo. Justin tries to apologize for them, but Megan does not want to do the hard work for the same results as before.

Justin thinks they should consult a wizard lawyer to find a loophole since they cannot get Megan to take the retest. Theresa wants Alex to grab her wand and go with her someplace. She has her take her to see Megan and confront her about her not taking the retest and not letting her kids have their powers. Megan still does not care and Alex returns home to find Justin and Max packing up the lair.

Alex realizes that the wizard competition is breaking them apart like it did for Jerry and his siblings. They decide to unite and keep them from taking their powers. The wizard councilperson is about to unplug their Wizard Power Panel and Alex comes in to wing it. They decide to quit in favor of family. The councilperson is touched that the family is sticking together and not letting the wizard competition break them apart like most families and lets them keep their powers.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode of Wizards of Waverly Place. It was not as funny as most, as it really did not have much humor. It was, however, a rather meaningful one about family coming together in hard times instead of growing apart, which happens so often. It might not be an episode that younger fans of the show will like as much, but I think this is a good episode for the whole family to enjoy together even if they do not normally watch this show together.


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