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Why Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is considered the Greatest Musical Genius for all time, and all tastes. Music at its best.

Updated on February 14, 2016


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Not just a pretty face.

How Mozart brought immortality to Vienna.

A small sample of Heaven. Mozart Piano Concerto no 21.

Mementos of a genius.

Mozart. Composer of the most sublime music.
Mozart. Composer of the most sublime music.
The Archbishops Palace Salzburg. Location for the most famous "Ass kicking" in history.
The Archbishops Palace Salzburg. Location for the most famous "Ass kicking" in history.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Not just a pretty face.

Of all the great composers, who have brought beauty through music to the generations, the name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 27 January 1756 – 5 December 1791), must surely stand out.

The sheer volume of his compositions, over 600 works including 41 symphonies and 27 piano concertos, is enough to take ones breath away with amazement; and then when we consider the exquisite beauty of sound that comes from every composition that he penned, it is like being given a glimpse of Paradise.

And yet though the perception of Mozart is that of an eighteenth century doll like figure, the real man was far from being a marionette.

He was born in Salzburg in Austria, and from the age of five he was composing music. He travelled widely throughout Europe during his formative years, and by virtue of his brilliant talent, he was welcomed in all the highest circles. He even played before Queen Marie Antoinette, when she was still a Grand Duchess in Vienna.

He was employed by The Archbishop of Salzburg when he was only seventeen. This was in the days when even brilliant composers were only considered to be servants. This was a situation that the young Mozart found very irksome.

Eventually he got the sack. Legend has it that he was literally kicked out of the palace by the archbishop's steward.

In this way Count Arco, (the steward) gained his place in history, as the man who planted his boot on the posterior of genius. What a way to be remembered.

A small sample of Heaven. Mozart Piano Concerto no 21.

If you like "off the wall" comedy, you will LOVE this book


How Mozart brought immortality to Vienna.

Eventually our composer ended up living in Vienna. Some of his most sublime works were composed there.

"The Marriage of Figaro" is one opera that was immediately successful, and has continued to be a favourite ever since.

In 1782 he married Constanze Weber. They had a very happy marriage, with six children. Unfortunately only two of their children survived.

Because The Mozart’s tended to live beyond their means, and because income for artists in those days was uncertain, they never became very wealthy. There was no system of royalties, like there is nowadays. It is estimated that if Mozart got royalties for every time his music is played today, he would be a very wealthy man indeed.

In 1791 the great composer fell ill. He was working on his famous requiem when he died, so it remained unfinished.

He was so poor that he was buried in a pauper’s unmarked grave.

Although his life was very up and down, the beauty of his music has given him immortality, like few others in history.


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