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Explaining Ballet Dance Shoes

Updated on June 12, 2010

Women's Ballet Shoes

Introducing Ballet Dancing Shoes

Many traditional ballerinas have more than one pair of dance shoes. These include dance slippers and pionte shoes which are manufactured with a special toe box to accommodate the often difficult pointe work that dancers have to do. Standard colors of ballet dancing shoes are pink, white and black.

Some other features of pointe shoes are the shank and sole. The shank is a special kind of insole usually made from either plastic, burlap, leather or cardstock and can be made in various lenghts and thicknesses. Many dancers wear more than one type for different styles. The sole of a ballet shoe is often made from leather in a solid piece. It is carefully sewn into the fabric so as to be well hidden and is designed to accent the dancers foot. Silk ribbons tied round the ankle are used for securing the shoes, or sometimes drawstring ties or elastic bands. Some ballet dance shoes don't come with the ribbons or elastic bands, these are purchased separately and sewn on. For extra flexibility, some shoes are made with a split in the sole.

There are also ballet slippers that are made for studio work and on softer floors. The lighter ballet dance shoes can be made from canvas or suede, and often have split soles to give greater flexibilty and tactile feel. Dancers will often wear these in practise situations when pointe work is not being done. The uppers can sometimes be dyed a different color to match the dancers costume.

Ballet dance shoes do not have the same sizes as ordinary shoes, also each maker can have subtle differences in their sizes. They are designed to be a snug fit on the foot without rubbing or hindering the circulation.

Condition Your Body Like a Ballet Dancer

Ballet Related Products

Element: Ballet Conditioning
Element: Ballet Conditioning
A Ballet Dancers always has a slender body that is both lean and strong with lovely proportions and beautiful body lines. One of the biggest secrets to a dancer's body is called Ballet Conditioning which concentrates on all of the muscle groups. In this unique program all of your muscles will work smoothly together to create a long streamlined silhouette with flat abdominals, a lean and strong lower body with beautifully defined curves.


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