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Women’s Genius & Insanity 3

Updated on September 18, 2012

Because of woman’s genius, it is my personal firm belief that all the diplomatic missions of all countries of the world should be run by women. Male diplomats simply prove on a daily basis what women have known for ever: Our male domes are made of solid ivory and we generally do not exhibit signs of life from the neck up. Women, on the other hand, can strategize and implement their Napoleonic plans without any apparent effort, removing from the scene the need for any aggressiveness or conflict, thereby removing any potential for fighting at which the male might excel. I shall use my own wife as an example to support my position.

After a couple of holidays in the UK, my wife casually said that she would not mind living in England. I nodded my acknowledgement of what she said, not really paying much attention. Eighteen months later, I found myself in England scouting the place for a suitable house to buy. One of my main objections to moving to England, was the cost of buying a house here, but my wife overcame that objection with:

“My looooooooooove, I don’t need a big house. Just a shack is enough for me, provided YOU are there.”

Relieved that our nest egg was not in danger of being squandered on extravagances, I came over and started looking for a shack. I actually found a really charming one by the seaside, in the form of a sweet little two bedroom cabin with all modern facilities, not far from a delightful village. Excited, I called my wife and told her that I had found what she wanted and that I was going to buy it for her immediately.

“My looooooooooove, you are such a clever boy! Wonderful! Well done! Of course you must buy it if you liked it so much! But would it not be better if you waited for me to come over to look at it as well? Just a thought, of course and buy it by all means if you like it THAT much, but I shall be there in a month or so. Why not wait a little my looooooooooove?”

We now live in a four bedroom house at the edge of Sherwood Forest, which has cost us twelve times as much as the charming little cabin by the sea I had set my heart on. Admittedly my wife paid half of the cost of buying the house, but from my point of view the blow to the Privy Purse was one of the nastiest wallops it had received in its adventurous and varied life. However, I comfort myself with the thought that the two extra empty bedrooms we have may one day prove useful by accommodating you lot when you come to visit me.

The De Greeks are not men who can think deeply without having a headache, but would you not agree with me that the above example is an apt demonstration of female genius at work?

Dimitris Mita

De Greek


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