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'Wonder Woman' Leads The Way for Kick Ass Female Superheros

Updated on June 7, 2017

Wonder Woman


Fasten your sadles and get ready for a movie that will make you forget you just paid $17 to sit in a seat covered in soda residue next to that family who always comes to sit right in front of you 10 minutes after the start of the movie. Wonder Woman takes you into onto the island of Themyscira and brings the viewer along side some of the fiercest female fighters we have yet to see- known as The Amazons. I was sore just looking at the muscles on these ladies and seeing the stunts they were doing. Aside from a reminder that I need to get back to the gym, these fierce females served as a reminder that strong women uplift each other. The viewers watch Diana, played by Gal Gadot, grow into a multifaceted character who is strong willed but sensitive, naïveté yet independent, humble but confident. These traits make her instantly relatable and likeable- I mean who wouldn't want Diana as a friend in their life? The landscape of the film as well as the costumes, makeup, and props make you feel so immersed in this world. The journey of getting to know Diana who was created by the Gods to protect humankind, is a steady and enjoyable process. We see her growing up, her talerts that she inherently has, and the ones she's worked for tirelessy. When an allied pilot Steve, played by Chris Pine, crashes in the ocean Diana saves his life. German soldiers are on the way soon after to pursue Steve. After learning about what's going on in the war and the people who need help Diana steps up- and her mother reluctantly lets her go as she knows she is the one who can help. And although there are very real threats to the human kind up ahead, you feel safe knowing that Diana is the heroine of this story.

When it comes time to leave the only home she's ever known to brave the dangers of the world outside the island she lived on her whole life, she embraces the change and questions all of the new things she's learning, many of which involve Steve, as the first male she has ever met. Steve and his humerous assistant Etta, played by Lucy Davis, try to find ways to conform Diana to fit into this new world she's experiencing- but ultimately Diana is too unique and too special to fit in, which is hesitantly accepted by her new mates. With the lasso of truth and her sword aka 'the God killer' Diana and Steve are set out on separate missions- Diana to find Ares the God of Evil and Steve to put an end to Ludendorff- the German general developing a deadly gas. While its clear Diana is set out to help put an end to this war, she is a quick thinking, and quick acting lady. And when Steve would like to go about things differently, there's no stopping this girl on a mission.

Wonder Woman drew large crowds bringing in $100.5 million nationally opening weekend- and $223 million internationally- beating out many other high profile super hero movies. And this was deservingly so. The movie mixed great film angles, well used CGI, and the story telling really grabbed your attention and kept you invested in the many parts of this story. As Patty Jenkins earns the title of Biggest US Opening for a female director, many female fans get a smaller, but important part of this feat: representation on the big screen. While waiting for the movie to get out so I could go into clean, I couldn't help but feel pride that little girls today have a superhero to look up to. Girls in knee high Wonder Woman socks falling down their knobby knees with big grins looking at the card board cut out of the first super hero that they could relate to. And it's not just young girls who look now have a new role mode. The crowds attending Wonder Women were very diverse- people of all ages, colors, genders, and backgrounds came to see this and most left with glowing reviews.

Because this movie lassoed me in and restored my faith in DC I give this movie 5/5 avacados.

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Wonder Woman

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