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Updated on October 28, 2014
Adam, Ders and Blake
Adam, Ders and Blake

The hit tv show Workaholics debuted on Comedy Central and had interesting ratings. It was an interesting show, unlike anything else that had ever been made. The show is about 3 friends who smoke an endless amount of weed, drink all day every day, and work together at a telemarketing call center. They all met in college, where Ders was captain of the swim team. Adam was a tool with a seashell necklace with a visor on sideways, and Blake was a nerdy actor with a curly afro and a little mustache. The fact that these 3 became friends is nothing short of hilarious.

Every new episode of the show leaves you asking the exact same question... How on earth is this an actual tv show? It is clearly aimed for college and high school students who party all the time as well, but the show is so dumb and thoughtless, it truly is mind blowing that it is an actual show. Sure, there are hilarious episodes. I'll be the first to admit that. But there are definitely some episodes where you can't even believe what you just saw. As far as language and crude humor goes, this show takes the cake.


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