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Working on film sets, even independent films is really hard work

Updated on September 24, 2014

dreams are hard work

It isn't as glamorous as you think

In my own life, working on things and parts of my dreams.

I got to admit, when your watching films and TV, the actors make everything look easy.

But learning and truly stepping onto sets (and let me say I am not a big named anything, just am able to do things and every time I am able to do things I want to do I will do them) it really is hard work.

After last week and working on set where we are starting to get more into the fight scenes it is work.

All the films I watched my whole and especially action films that I have watched my whole life just seem like things could be pulled off like a breeze, no oh hell no.

There are long hours and if you have to go to a set sometimes the drive consumes a lot of the time.

Then there's make-up and wardrobe and I can't tell you how much I wish I could snap my fingers and it's all done.

Basically in my time not on sets doing other things, day to day, I don't have to wear tons of make-up and I'm basically a t-shirt and jeans comfy clothes kind of wearing type of woman.

Everything is a "process" and it's all even before getting to do any acting, before the camera is rolling.

If you also don't have the patience to do things over and over and over and don't like doing repetitive things, then your never going to like working on sets.

You have to keep going back to Point A where you started and keep trying to do the same thing over and over on set.

Yes, even just walking down a street can seem like it might be easy, but when you have to do it over like 20 times if a director wants different camera angle it can seem like that is so maddening but that is exactly what you have to do for even "basic" scenes.

Now imagine turning it up a notch or two for fight scenes.

Once again I am not a big named actress and yes I am repeating this, because with social media sometimes it might be good to point things out a few times but, turning things up a notch with throwing in some fighting, it is a lot of hard work.

In a part last weekend, I can't go into detail too much for a film, but some basic step and rolling on the ground doing it over and over again and trying to avoid getting hit with either a fist or an object I had to remain focused.

I don't ever really play the girl next door type of the beauty queen, but have chances to play interesting characters all with movement in which you don't you would get smacked pretty good.

Actually even sometimes when your suppose to be out of the way of a fist or an object sometimes things happens and even when you might not want to get a smack down or fall down on the ground, sometimes it happens

The good thing is with an action scenes, sometimes if you do fall or things you don't plan on happening in a fight scene, sometimes when it is caught on film it just works out.

I'm actually more happy if someone was to say that I could jump off a building for a scene then to actually kissing someone in film.

I'm more nervous about with a kissing scene where you could be sitting there all nice and safe and sound then to be doing something that could get you killed.

Here is another BUT, but, but, but, even in fight scenes and stunts I know that if there is something I am not ready for something it is good really not to do it or get more training.

I maybe a little bit crazy and say yes I'd do it, but the real reality of actually doing it probably wouldn't look to good if I have never done it before.

Oh yes there are people that are so well trained they probably could do things on the spot but of course they are much more skilled than myself.

I realize another thing that with motion on sets that require action, I'm going to have to get myself in the best shape I can possibly get.

One thing I would love to be doing is swinging from a helicopter where the ladder from the helicopter is hanging and yes I do know I would have to have a harness, but it is something I have always, always wanted to do.

I know that even if I was surrounded with the best trained people that know alot, any stunt is very very dangerous and that's why you need to be in top form to do what you want on films.

Even the best actors that do their own stunts admit even though they have done the stunts, they are indeed very, very dangerous and don't advise anyone to do those stunts.

Since stepping more and more onto sets and especially a film I been part of which is now getting into more fight scenes I am seeing how hard it is truly to do the things that I have been watching on screens for so very long.

I for one know that anything I could do on set is very, very dangerous and as much as I would like to do the things I want to do I know it is a responsibility to "admit" how dangerous things are and how much work it does go into being part of something, like bringing stories to life.

I am happy from time to time to be able to do things I have always wanted to do but the realization of what they show you in films while sitting in seats is not as glamorous as you may think it is.

Being part of a film is truly hard work, you just can never know about something unless you have actually done it yourself.

Still, it is nice to have had chances in life and I'm very thankful for that.


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